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  • Ridhuan Abu Bakar

    whenever i listen to people praising the goalkeeper nobody seems to mention about the contribution of their respective coaches. i mean goalkeepers has their own goalkeeping coach but never a bit people talking about their contribution to the technical improvement of their player…

  • Sean Peter-Budge

    8 minutes that not only show the vast improvement in David De Gea, but why Gary Neville is the very best pundit in the game.

  • DavidRM18

    Genuinely pisses me off that you get the anti-United brigade dismissing David De Gea as being a world class goalie, saying he's 'lucky'. The only reason they're saying it is because he's United. Fact. Why is it so hard for them to swallow the fact that United have one of the best goalkeepers around?!?! Constantly making excuses and shitty reasons about why anything United do is lucky and not good enough. I swear if United won 10-0, and De Gea had made about 5/6 unbelievable saves, you'd still get the hate mob going "Oh, you were just lucky with 10 really soft goals, and your keeper was flying his arms around everywhere and just got lucky". United literally can't win.

  • juzou50

    After watching this video I understood how big the difference is between De Gea and Neuer, Neuer plays the procent game, if you cover 90% of the goal on one on ones you donĀ“t have to even jump, just make yoursef big while De Gea is relying on his reflexes. Great exemple about this is the Hazard one on one. De Gea is almost standing on the line, while Neuer would probably been much closer covering the goal. Both brilliant goalkeepers, but just different.