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  • MarcusMusique

    The Boys and that monster Offensive Line are going to be a force to be reckoned with I reckon! lol! I thought that was a TD for Bryant via the Pack so they were just short last season. The Boys, The Pack and The Hawks have to be the top seeds in the NFC for me! :-)

  • Unionk1ng X (San Francisco Cowboy)

    As a Dallas fan I predict we can go 13-3 or better and get the #1 seed. Our oline is a best, joseph randle is fast and talented, tony romo is a good qb, our dline is gonna be a top 5 atleast, our linebackers is good but injury prone, but the only good thing about our secondary is byron jones is a shut down cb, orlando scandrick is a beast, but brandon carr lets so many plays go, he misses tackles and plays way too much man coverage

  • Austin Green

    Barry church is one of the best defensive players on this team in my opinion he said he wasn't as good as Wilcox