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  • Steve Clapper

    FOX viewers live is an alternate universe where words and phrases have different meanings making communication impossible.

  • doug thompson

    FIT PT (select 'newest first' on comments selector to see FIT PT's comment I reply to)…so, F.P…..what you are saying is that it's heinous to spin because, as you say, the FOX piece is "insignificant" and "harmless". Not only is that debatable that they are "harmless" and "insignificant", but you are saying that as long as a lie is "insignificant" and "harmless" it should simply be left alone, and that if anyone points it out this means it is a dangerous spin by liberals. You, being a FOX lover, obviously, have gotten just as good as FOX at bullshit. Congratulations.

  • Dogma Disputantâ„¢

    Tax the churches! Why is it acceptable to have make-believe for profit a non taxable industry? Jesus is a huge commodity that issold to gullible idiots for tax free profit. Tyranny and conservatism favors God, faith and nationalism, in order to profit handsomely from the ignorance of self-deluded, dimwittedfools.These types of folks are easily manipulated by fear and prejudice. They will take their leaders word for truth. It's a totalitarian mentality. The worlds religious leaders and Rupert Murdoch understand this mentality well, and have created empires by profiting from gullible peoples insecurities and wishful thinking. Currently, most of the citizens in the United States have been seduced by Christian charlatanism and view ignorance and blind faith as a virtue that must always be respected and never questioned. The religious scam is cloaked and protected under 'freedom of religion'. As long as scams are mythical god scams they will always be protected under the United States Bill of Rights. Religion is and will always be the play ground of criminals, hucksters and charlatans. Christianity is a major commodity and will not be stifled. It's like printing money. False hope will always be available to ignorant, gullible fools and idiots. These delusional sheep will be fleeced under protection of law and Church (organized buffoonery).

  • FiT PT

    There is far more spinning in your criticism of this rather insignificant and harmless FOX clip than the zero spinning which is absent in this clip. Knowing something about google, I would suspect their decision was politically motivated to advance leftest ideology.

  • Martha Nelson

    Just selling news whether real or otherwise I love google these people will disappear as the aging population dies out no one is going to buy this bull in the future
    Religion is about dead in Europe is dead in Netherlands and hopefully curtailed heading for extinction in the USA. People are no longer believing in superstition thanks to Google and eventually will stop believing in invisible Gods. Its become really hard to believe in invisible non existent gods watching over us. We have a moral compass built into each of us. When we do something that feels, smells, looks, and is wrong by law we feel remorse. If not, it is because our brains particularly amygdala and frontal lobes are defective.
    Its about empirical scientific proof for me. I finally had enough of TV and turned it off. I do not worship money, sex, gods, and I am glad that at the end of my life cycle I will be ashes put back into the earth to create a flower or blade of grass that is my footprint on the earth. I am sick of religion. Human beings do the right thing in time of need often organzing soup kitchens, donating clothing, offering shelter as exhibited with Syrian refugees without the help of and despite religious influence. This earth is a droplet in a bucket of space full of billions and billions of planets we just are not that important. We are only important to each other. People are killing each other in the most inhumane disgusting ways in the name of all religions especially in the Islamic countries. I fear them. Behead, stoning, honor killing, crusifixion in the twenty first center burning people alive in cages, throwing people in shredding machines, buring kids alive raping women executing them if they do not comply. All in the name of some kind of god.
    The internet especially Google has brought about education and change. I am glad I lived long enough to be a small part of the change and gained insight into the world at large.
    Eventually Fox News will die out. Do not watch it. Do not rely on TV for news.

  • Michael Parker

    This is why Google are so great because they will stand up against lies and propaganda in immensely powerful things like religion and China.

  • Brian Metzker

    Fox and their "loyal" viewers are willfully ignorant. That is the way they like it. And it is fine by me. Thinking people realize the only reason to tune in is for the legs and laughs.

  • mike perkins

    Non-profit litteraly means… an entity does not profit financially… does it not?
    The church does profit… Profit, Power and PERVERTION is the churchs' underLYING motto.
    Get REAL, not greek mythological.

  • RonHoward

    +5winder as any christian it seems you are too stupid to understand something as simple as this video. 'LiberalViewer' does not take a pro Google position, but an anti-false journalism: Fox lies to their viewers, and that's wrong. People have the right to be well informed. And, by the way, Bill Gates doesn't own Google, quite the opposite. That only proves your ignorance and lack of reasoning.

  • Lizzie Knobloch

    Boycott Fox and you wont have to watch this useless "News" crap. There is no arguing with idiots. It's not about the specific story, it's about popular media disguising entertainment as legit information. It's a gross problem. It's also a problem that Americans eat this shit up. I give Fox as much credibility as The National Enquirer…