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  • 1966Hemi426

    The same people that want everything for free are the same people that contribute nothing. Well let me tell you a little secret all you spoiled little brats. Life's tough, suck it up. If you want something then work for it. I owe you nothing. Rant over.

  • Kevin T

    If she goes to an Ivy League school, that means the 1% are her parents, and they're paying already, so why is she complaining?

  • Dominick Lembo

    THAT is the spokeswoman of the NWO………. Very non threatening right? looks can be deceiving, and so is George Soros….

  • Evander Smart

    Stupid, poor, and with your hand out is no way to go through life, Keely. As David Knight said, being dumb enough to waste 4 of the best years of your life going into debt for a worthless degree is reason enough NOT to hire you. Stupid people go to college, smart people go to work starting their own businesses, even before college! Look up teenage millionaires here at YouTube! 12 year olds are building apps that make millions!

  • o01q2w3e

    lord jesus, why do these people talk in that cadence smh ole goofy ass went straight into the obligatory diatribe about the 1% lmao

    i bet if you research her youll find that her parents are very well off

  • Alen Zuzic

    i live in sweden and we have free college and healthcare. if you assholes spend less money on planes that never fly and warships when you already have 100 of, they your children would not be poor either.


    I don't agree with the $15.00 minimum wage, but a free college education for our future work force, scientists, engineers, physicists, physicians..etc , is a very good idea. It would cost less than what we now spend fighting the BS drug war, all of the billions of dollars in yearly subsidies that we give multi-billion dollar companies like Exxon and Monsantos, all of the trillions we spend fighting wars, arming "rebels" to oust foreign leaders, all of the money spent on defense, which amounts to more than all of the nations on earth combined spend on their defense, literally. Not to speak of the trillion dollars spent bailing out bankers..etc

    We definitely have enough money to educate our future, our youth, from grade school to college graduate school. I'm a conservative on most issues, especially those that have to do with social morals, taxes, economy..However on the issue of education, I agree with liberals. It is in our national security interest, to ensure the populace, citizens, are educated. An educated, skilled citizenry, is worth much more than whatever we may spend to educate them. It's a worthy investment.

  • Tim Mcgraw

    By all means make education free. But I think the students should be chosen by lottery! Nothing to do with SAT scores or skin color or assets of the students and their parents.
    Make it The Great Student Lottery and every Spring, say April Fool's Day, a government computer will choose Social Security #s at random of 18 year olds and they will be given a FREE college education at a University that is ALSO chosen at random by the government computer.

    Problem solved!

  • Eric Warncke Sr

    these college kids are too busy taking selfies and taking valtrex to know whats really going on in this perverse world…most of them will end up stocking shelves at walmart or flipping fries at mcdonalds…all they "learn" in college is liberal misinformation that turns them into little hillary clinton disciples for life… lets take america back – – – vote for TRUMP .

  • Hang The Bankers

    She might not have the answers, but at least she sees the inequality and realises something must be done for humanity to progress to the next level.