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  • TheGeckoNinja

    can someone explain what this guy was supposed to do about racists? they punished one student who came forward about the racist email left on the computer, the fact of the matter is there isnt much you can do about it until you literally catch the people in the act or they come forward and admit they did it, otherwise nothing else can be done, and these rich, whiny entitled, babies on campus dont like it, they cant accept that sometimes nothing else can be done, the guy was forced to resign for no reason what so ever and TYT i had a feeling was not gonna do the full research what a surprise
    here have fun catching up on what happened

  • Shkotay D

    The ConcernedStudent1950 shitheads took a hell of a lot of real legitimacy away from this. Glad they arent getting much air time.

  • Nick Guizz

    Some kid drew a swastica with shit and therefore the President has to resign? What kind of retarded liberal logic is that. The president of the university doesn't have the ability to suspend free speech.

  • TheInflicted

    1:08 Don't play dumb, Cenk. You knew full well that every game the players refused to play was going to cost the University a million-dollar fine, on top of all the money lost to tickets/concessions/etc. The fact that there's so much money tied up in college athletics is a big part of this picture.

  • MRostendway

    Just watched a Thunderfoot video on this and apparently they demanded the university president to admit his white male priviledge

    And they demanded that the black faculty be increased to 10 percent even though that would be an overreprentation.. Plus asian faculty is vastly overrepresented but no word about that.

    Initially I supported the students but Now ive found out that these are the same typical college SJW's I couldnt care less about their 'Struggle'..

  • AgainstYourThought

    I agree with Fox. Never capitulate to SJW demands. It won't ever subside their anger. All it does is embolden them and make their demands more outrageous.

    The Pres should not have stepped down. What a weakling and a coward.

  • Deondre Clark

    Is there any racial justice issue Fox thinks is legitimate? They're on always on the side of the majority. Every single time.

  • sausagemcbean

    Except the chancellor did take action by instituting mandatory sensitivity training for all new students and the president did meet privately with the concerned students. What more could they have done? Arrested people for pre-crimes?