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  • LaFilleMange

    I don't get the part where Bruce Willis is talking about someone not getting how funny he is. Did he mean Bill O'Reilly or David Letterman/Letterman's audience? I ask because Letterman and his audience laughed quite a bit. Even I did and I don't like Willis at all (anymore). His bit was genuinely funny. So I don't see how it can be about Letterman but at the same time, we didn't see enough O'Reilly to know if he laughed as hard. I'm very confused. (also, I love that Willis shot O'Reilly right down about seeing him on Letterman's show).

  • darthstar18

    this Muslim guy has a PhD in the history of Christianity…his family must be real wealthy in order to allow himself to pursue such a useless occupation

  • Adult James

    You know what I really love. If theres ever a debate with a liberal vs a conservative the host of Fox will give the conservative the last word and make it seem like they won. "So michelle this liberal nut says hitler killed millions of people ill give you the final word to finish the debate" "Well Diana Hitler was a great painter so yeah he didn't do anything wrong" "Thanks for settling the debate Michelle"

  • tiny99990

    18:30… makes me HATE Bill O'Reilly how dare he treat a veteran like that Fox news is so focused on their agenda that they are willing to disrespect a veteran to such an extent… Veterans deserve our respect NO MATTER WHAT. They fought for us and/or are willing to fight for us, that means when you have them on your damn T.V. show you do NOT talk over them and you do not reiterate your question 13 times to run down the clock so they cannot respond…

  • Dale Bergeron

    Every part that i gritted my teeth together about the way Fox works or during a Trump barking my house keeper cheers. The more outrageous the comment the more she likes it. She is everything everyone that follows TRump and Fox. This is some scary shi#.