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  • HotshotGTar

    Not that I was expecting more ; but I was expecting better. The jokes fell flat . The guests ; Clooney and Jeb Bush : There was really no reason to have them other than they were recognizable names. It was painful watching through the Clooney portion ; it wasn't funny . The funniest part of the show came with a blooper I don't think anybody caught . Right before Clooney they went to commercial break and Cobert said something like " I can't wait to get Clooney ……………in my mouth " or something very much like that. He'd just done that skit shoving Oreos in his mouth and he was trying to set up Clooney …….. anyway …did anyone else catch that ?
    I can't think of any more of a dud guest than Jeb Bush for your first show. All in all an unmemorable event that was expected to be the ushering in of a new (and better) era of late night TV spectacle. Not so much . It was just as painful watching the Bush segment. What a humongous douche : Jeb Bush that is . The interview was clearly edited. I was watching it hoping it was going to get better somehow when they went to commercial ; when they came back Bush was gone and they went to the musical segment. They didn't bother to introduce anybody but that was Buddy Guy , Derrick Trucks (son of Butch Trucks one of the drummers for the Allman Brothers) ; big in the blues rock community . Mahalia Jackson and what looked like the cast of Glee or one of the singing contest show losers or winners ; or both.
    Instead of a bright spot on network TV ….. just same old shit : Take no risks formula formatted TV. Just the crap you watch on TV while you try to get some sleep. Much like Dave was. I'm used to the big build up to a disappointing payoff. They seem to do it all the time now. Years from now when they do the last Late Night with Stephen Colbert show will they look back fondly and reminess about this first show ………? Yeah ; those were the good old days …………………It was lame and that's a compliment. The news is saying that the show is getting rave reviews : Phony ?!
    Welcome my friends to the show that never ends. It never ends and it never gets any better ; It's all about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Tom Phillpotts

    What is the point of 720p when there's a huge border around the actual video?
    Can someone explain to me what is happening to youtube? Searches reveal nothing.

  • 1SaG

    What? No cut-away to Enrico Palazzo during the opening montage? Real shame, since, as far as I'm concerned, that is the only worthy rendition of that anthem.

  • mercuryabz

    i saw the first half hour of his show tonight , before his guests come , almost was the same as his old show on comedy central channel, and i am happy about it …you can't change yourself , it is very hard….he is famous because of his character on
    his old show , then why change it ?!….and with George Clooney still he was the same character , i am so glad about it , we need him being a half serious comedian rather than a full serious person !

  • macjoiner

    Easy joke with Trump. Any Hillary jokes, Stephen? Nah, didn't think so. Just more of the same liberal slanted "humor" we've been used to, same old s***.

  • Tinman29

    I used to like Stephen Colbert but he obviously takes money from the White House. He's a joke. Don't forget that he interviewed Anita sarkeesian on his old show and acted like she was legit

  • Dee Ray

    ugh. your names Col-berrrrrrrrrrt NOT Col-bareeeeeeeeee moron. Now now now, before anyone daresssssss to correct me with their own internet name calling, know this: even if that the is supposeeeee to be "silent" that would STILL make it sound like Col-burrrrrrrrrrr, NOT bare!!! No, I don't need no fuckin english lesson. People need to learn how to pronounce their fuckin letters without making excuses saying, "oh, well…u know, the t is silent or or or…the s is silent,"or whatever other letter of the alphabet they wanna claim is silent. Ugh. Ignorance, but ya know what people? Save the bullshit. Okay? We understand one another? Just fuckin save it already.