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  • kyu5533

    So lets join the Night's King! Sure he may have radical views, but the only way every single person we hate dies is if the White Walkers win. Tyrion, Arya, and Dany are on Essos so they are safe. Let the ice zombies end Westeros, place needs to be purged!!!!

  • Setin Maganean

    this seems to be inspired by the Roman Empire history.. Cezar was also a great but misunderstood leader. Therefore he was tricked and stabbed by all the politicians. Here we see Jon betrayed, because the Night's Watch men just don't get it. For them, the wildlings are the enemy. There is no "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" policy. Whatever is North of the Wall is an enemy. Saving them goes against everything they believe, even if it would be a benefit to them.

    The scene with Oliy is a "et tu Brutus" scene, except here Jon is asking him not do it, in order to not stain his hands with this act. To remain innocent a while longer. Yet Olly can't help but feel betrayed, his Lord Commander saved the very people who killed his entire family and everyone he knew.

    I felt so sorry for Jon, my heart literally broke! And I never said this about anything before. Still, if you check out some theories and prophecies that are said about Jon, then we might get to see him again. :D

  • NickNick 22

    This Clearly Takes Inspiration from the Famous Betrayal of Cesar when the Senate Stab Cesar and then Brutus Stabs the Final Blow ending his Life R.I,P Jon Snow.

  • Raven-NightFury-Howl

    Hope he will become a White Walker to kill all these bastards ! Because I refuse to see that awesome character die ! If he dies now who we have left ? Jon Snow was the most interesting, loved and amazing character in this serie (even if I love Tyrion and Daenerys much more). Why Martin ?