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  • Global Cycling Network

    We're getting very close to the start of the Tour de France. So close in fact, that we had to stop debating about who to put in this top 10 and make some predictions.

    What do you think? Have we got it right? Let us know down in the comments.

  • Andrea Thomas

    Fav riders to watch for me: Cav in a sprint with that famous kick of his, Condator dancing on his pedals up a climb, Quintana climbing, Tony Martin in a time trial or leading in a nuts breakaway, Tommy Voeckler gurning his way through a stage, the Yates twins, Alex Dowsett, etc etc. I love a bike race me!
    When are GCN doing the Top race commentators list? Matt's got to be on it!

  • Zach Wong

    I guess everyone really thinks Kristoff is slower than Cav in a sprint? I think the same, but the difference isn't that drastic as people make it out to be, I think.

  • Alan Coom

    Quite like watching Thomas Vockleur (apologies for spelling but I figured with the super pronunciation from GCN I'd be let off the hook).
    His climbing style and passion is contagious

  • Sean Hill

    To watch…
    In the mountains, without a doubt Quintana, marvel at his stillness as he grinds it out on the big mountain stages. In the bunch I love watching Sagan, no one better at threading through the pack when it matters, he seems to possess supernatural bike handling skills.

  • Slawomir Konopka

    Top 10? I'm wondering about Rafal Majka. Is he going to work this year for Contador and Sagan or will they occasionally let him of the leash.

  • 41g54h

    Definetely must watch Contador because a victory at the tour this year would mean that he might be the best grand tour rider of all time.

  • 1AmericanInAsia

    GCN, don't hold back any punches this year at the Tour. Please skip the bus tours. Get on those mountains and get us some footage of the excitement of the race. Make us feel the roar. Next, do a ride along with Team MTN. Put us in the back seat. Also, get in with the fans at a few parties. The deal is, put us in the race! Now Get On With It! And one more; launch that DJI on those key mountain stages! You can get some great footage when a helicopter can't fly as low as the DJI.

  • Brett Vancise

    If I told you there was a rider with Hollywood good looks and the legs of a jet engine you'd say he's a lock for your list. Where's Marcel Kittel??

  • wellington arantes

    You Guys sailed pretty much nailed it but… I would like to add Rui Costa to the mix… Seems like its a good year for him and I think he'll represent Lampre well…

  • Cesar Barroso

    Nairo Quintana, everytime there isamountain we can for sure expect him ti fly through it on a tiger on the back of the lion that is on the back of a falcon flying through fire!

  • Peter Hardie

    Richie Porte is my favorite. Nothing like watching a selfless domestique shedding the peleton on a climb.

  • Biran Falk-Dotan

    My favourite rider? Dan "The Boss" Lloyd, of course! The Tour just hasn't been the same since The Boss stopped riding it.