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  • Keith Hinkley

    Larry Munson was one of the best. I miss the days where you heard the same legendary voice year in and year out for decades. You could count on that legendary voice as a constant throughout your child hood, through your teen years, and into your adulthood. There are still a few left, but they are a dying breed. That's to bad because they were as much a part of this nations sports fabric as the athletes themselves. Growing up in Los Angeles we were lucky. We had Vin Scully of the Dodgers, Chick Hearn of the Lakers, Bob Miller of the Los Angeles Kingsā€¦Thats almost a combined 150 years with one club. So their voices were synonymous with their franchises. Tom Kelly was also at USC for roughly 4 decades. 4 hall of fame voices you could count on throughout your life through every season.

  • Blake Hardy

    Look I am to be an alumni here at Alabama in May. But for my entire life I have taken inspiration from the figure known as Herschel Walker. He is something concrete that I could ever wish to be. I play rugby for the University of Alabama since it is the state I admitted too after highschool. I wish to take the actions I have done on the rugby field into the record books after my final season. I love you all, I wish you the best of luck, I wish you all the best in this contest called life.

  • airassault11

    I remember when I would watch a UGA game on TV and would turn it down and turn up the radio to listen to Larry. He was a part of all of our lives for those of us who are UGA fans. RIP Larry and make sure you give a dog biscuit to all of those UGAs up there with you!! You'll be missed tremendously!!

  • Matt Ham

    Watching a video I made years ago about a guy that made this game something special to watch still makes me tear when I hear the true love for Georgia in his voice. The man was a legend. RIP Larry and go dawgs. See guys Saturday in Athens!

  • PScooter63

    Sorry, but the background music (in stereo, no less), all the vocal distortion… way too unpleasant and difficult to listen to. The man deserves better.