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  • gnislia

    I'm 25 and I first watched gilmore girls when I was about 15 on and off and LOVED it. I bought the complete box set a couple of months ago and watch it all the time again. How many shows can you watch when you're 15 and 25 and still enjoy it?

  • Victoria Strider

    Oh man, if toward the end of Supernatural Alexis joined the cast as Sam's final forever love interest, that would be absolute television fulfillment. Somebody write Robert Singer and Alexis. This needs to happen.

  • Stephanie L

    God, I miss this show. Massively underrated. The storylines did drag at times in later seasons, but the dialogue was soooo funny. I would definitely watch a Gilmore Girls movie – please make it happen!

  • Saumya Jain

    They are absolutely right. We NEED shows like this on TV, at least I do. I would take one episode of Gilmore Girls over 10 different reality shows any day of the week.

  • Brad Stephan

    I'm 61 and watched my final 3 episodes of Gilmore Girls last evening (started watching 4 months back, in June). I recall seeing ads and reviews about the show in 2000, and always knew I wanted to check it out someday. I'm sure glad I did!!! Emily and Paris were my favorite characters. Of course, I also loved all the leads. I'm so glad they did a good wrap-up – the final episodes were very satisfying.

  • Angélica Calheiros

    I was 15 when I started watching GG and now I'm 28, I keep on watching and will make my fiancé love it as well, not as much as I do for sure but lol. <3

  • Paola Arteaga

    I just finished watching this show on netflix. As a blind tv watcher, i would have to say it's one of my favorite ones because it's all about the dialogue and you don't have to see to appreciate it. My favorite character is luke because he's funny and sweet even if he pretends not to b. It would b cool to meet him and emily too!

  • Rachel Hay

    loved this show sinceI discovered Gilmore girls about 6 years ago thank goodness I did my all time favourite show I literally cried when it ended so I boughtall 7 seasons and cant go 1 day without my daily Gilmore girls fix wish they would come back for a couple of seasons or even a movie and ill be happy. who do you think rory would be with? x