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  • Walter Kowalski

    There are very few perfect combinations of directors and componists, like Spielberg and John Williams, Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone, or even Peter Jackson and Howard shore. After seeing Inception and Interstellar, i'd say Nolan and Zimmer are amongst them.

  • Gabriella Farinelli

    A couple years ago I visited Switzerland and took a solo walk to Lake Geneva while listening to my iPod. When I reached the lake, this song began to play. I could see fishermen coming home, children playing in the park behind me, couples going for afternoon strolls, and a group of kids laughing while riding their bikes. Life is so precious, so beautiful, and so quick. Rarely do we appreciate it as we should.

  • Misty(NEW NAME)

    When I was listening to this I looked at my dog and thought, I have a great life. A livef people would kill for.. So now, I don't feel as selfish as I did… Like I wish I had this, and that.. I'm a lucky person. And I'm sure you all could listen to this and think, I have it better than A LOT of people. Just thought I'd type this out… And it makes it more epic while listening to the music in the background:)

  • luciano wendling

    The ending of this song is the saddest thing I've ever seen, because it sounds like it's slowly fading away… just like time…

  • Botmin

    Listening to this song makes me wish that the world we live in is just a dream and one day we all going to wake up in a better world :(

  • Salmaan KHAN

    Imagine how much more influential Hitler could have been if this song was playing during each and every one of his speeches

  • Illuminati Confirmed

    I have learned that time is the most precoius thing the world can give us. As we eneter this world, many decades ago, time has always been slipping past us. we have not be able to grasp hold of it, learn that each second we waste, we are wasting our own time in life. I am only a 12 year old boy; but quite frankly I have already understood this. Tell me, what have you been doing with all your life? Have you been able to pursue the dream you've always wanted to do, Have you done all you've could? As time slowly slips away, know that we will always die. As you lie on your deathbed, tell yourself this; is my life a worthwhile one? Have I done the most I could? Did I make a change in this world?
    Those who read this that are jobless, poor, hopeless, don't give up. Life is still a long way. Learn to face it; learn to face the fears, obstacles, hardships, that life will throw at you. Learn not to just let these things hit you; learn how to mold it. Learn to shape it into your advathage. Learn what it can create in you as a person. They say that fear is the greatest obstacle we have in life; but no, learn to overcome it. When people tell you that you are hopeless, that you are nothing, don't just let these words hurt you. Learn to Stand up to them. When you have no purpose in life, when you think nothing is achieveable anymore, squeeze out the last bit of your energy and make one more change, even if it's a tiny one.

    I still have one more thing to tell you. If you are a young person, like me, a person with lots of opportunities, then stop wasting your time. Try to shape youself into the best person you can. Life is like box of chocolate. You never what you're going to get, what will happen to you. Make sure that each day you live through, make it a worthwhile one. Time is limited. So use it wisely.

    A message from the illuminati.