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  • Flower Kitten

    This is my weirdest belief was this…

    When I was VERY young, I used to play a game with my friends and it's basically not to step on cracks on the floor, and my friend said if you step on a crack you blow up and I believed that… Yeah xD

  • TheLuckyFoxyHippie

    My weirdest belief as a kid was that the floor follows me. It got so bad, my friend made a skit from it:

    Me: (runs to my friend and cries)
    Friend: What's wrong?
    Me: It's following me! Make it stop!
    Friend: What's following you? Cuz uh.. (Looks behind my back) I don't see anything…
    Me: Okay, I gotta whisper so it doesn't hear me… The floor..
    Friend: The floor?
    Me: Yeah! The floor! Everywhere I go, it's there! Beware man… Beware… (Walks away)

  • Otakuiinii chan

    My beliefs were that I would become some immortal creature if I
    1: See exactly when the fridge lights go off
    2: Crawl up and down Ifailedatgoingdown the stairs and occasionally skipping steps.
    3:Putting all the switches in the house half-way.
    5:Not stepping on those crack/lines on the sidewalk. I don't know why I felt like they were sleeping or something.
    Surprisingly, I wasn't not the only weird child who has done this.

  • Louise Smith

    My question wasn't in this video so I will write it again. Think what is your favourite dinosaur? (This could be the question for next month!)

  • Michelle Perez

    I just want to know, am I the only one that was looking at the background of today's video and thinking about the rocket league as an actual video? To clarify, I would listen to what think was saying while looking at the game and thinking "YEAH THINK SCORED!!" or even "The tides have turned Think, the tides have turned…"

  • morgan roth

    aim still a kid now , but mine would be that animals could talk to humans . But i was little . Sooooo yeah . Dora is not real and it should never be

  • conversenwolves

    When I was young (like 3 or 4) one of my Mom's dogs she had for long time died. She didn't want to tell me that it died, so she told me that they sent the dog to go live on a farm. I actually believed it for a long time…

  • Ben_Boy

    I use to think that the pieces of white coral you found on the beach was petrified bird poop. DON'T BLAME ME MY BROTHER TOLD ME THAT!

  • Chockmima

    When I was like 4 or 5, I used to think that I was the only real living person in the world, and that everyone else were robots, so I started pretending I was a robot so people would confess that they were robots…
    Yeah… 0_0 Pretty weird.
    Oh yeah…and I was also afraid of lamps! Ya know,the living room lamps that give LIGHT.

  • Emerald River

    well i bevlied that cottage cheese was white beans and that was a man on the moon that was watching over me and that my life was a tv show and there were cammeras flimming so i would sing to them.yeah i'm still this weird:l