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    There are two types of people in this world :
    1. People who can enjoy magic, enjoy the intelligence behind the illusion
    2. People who MUST figure it out, how the fuck.

  • 6oodfella

    It's so obvious, there was a midget in that orange with a deck of cards, and after hearing what card he was thinking of, he left it in the centre and hid in another part of the orange.

  • Ro Tyler

    I'd like to thank youtube for letting my kids see a video with the F word in the title. It's always good to show kids magic tricks with the F word added in there. It just adds to my confidence that they will start swearing any time at school, at the dinner table and no doubt… at me. Thank you so much, youtube. You're the best.

  • Dominik Doherty

    i like david blaine he is a fantastic magician but i dont like the way he is so slow and monotone when he talks though its like Cleveland at the auction when he got hit on the head

  • DisThoughts

    Just some thoughts on this. Possibly spoilers depending on how much faith you put into the accuracy of my speculations, so if you don't enjoy dissecting magic tricks, just don't read my comment. Let's establish a simple timeline:

    1. Ford chooses a card just in his head without handling any cards.
    2. Blaine gives him a deck of cards.
    3. Ford fails to find his chosen card in the deck.
    4. Blaine asks Ford to pick a fruit.
    5. Ford picks a fruit.
    6. Blaine asks Ford to say the card out loud.
    7. Ford finally reveals which card he chose.
    8. Blaine cuts the fruit.
    9. Blaine seemingly produces the chosen card from the fruit.

    Ok, so first of all. The card choice seems completely free. Blaine doesn't have Ford count out cards or have him choose the card in any other elaborate way usually associated with forcing a card choice. People say you can psychologically influence someone to choose a specific card through subliminal suggestion or neurolinguistic programming or whatnot, but no. Just no. If you're willing to believe that, you might as well save yourself the effort and believe in magic. The only way to force another human being to pick a specific card just off the top of their head is to tell them flat-out "pick this card." Of course you could work the statistics, since some cards are more likely to be picked than others, but first of all that isn't reliable and second of all the nine of hearts isn't a likely card. If you think David Blaine forced Harrison Ford to pick a card, you either believe in magic or you believe that Ford is a stooge. Let's not go there.

    Let's accept that Ford actually did pick the card freely. Next he looks through the deck of cards in search of his card. He doesn't find it, seemingly because Blaine somehow magically removed it. I'm not sure exactly how this works, but I'm fairly certain it's a gimmicked deck, where Ford wouldn't have found his card regardless of what he picked. It's interesting that we don't see the deck at all, and Ford doesn't spend much time on it either. The reason I think it would have worked regardless of which card Ford chose is that – barring real magic and Ford being a stooge – Blaine doesn't know Ford's card yet. If Blaine knew the card he would have revealed it himself in stage 7 insteaf of having Ford reveal it.

    Next there's a question of the fruit. Some people say that somehow Blaine or Blaine's crew cut open all of Ford's fruit and then glued the fruits back together again before the filmed trick without Ford knowing. This seems absurd for numerous reasons. It would require Ford to be an extremely good sport about letting them mess with his home and his property for hours unsupervised. If Ford walked in at the wrong time to get a glass of milk, say, the entire trick would have been ruined. Also it would ruin the trick afterwards the next time Ford wanted a piece of fruit. Also since nobody knows which card Ford chose until stage 7 of the trick, they would somehow have included every single card in a fruit, and then somehow force Ford to pick the right fruit, except Ford picks the fruit seemingly freely BEFORE revealing his card-choice. So now the timeline is wrong and we're back at either believing in real magic that can force people to choose things or in believing Ford is a stooge.

    A better question is whether that's really Ford's fruit. The crew could have brought it with them, and most likely did, since they couldn't have known whether Ford would have fruits in his home. Most likely all the fruits are crew-brought and most likely they're all gimmicked in such a way that a card can be easily inserted. It's much simpler to assume that all the fruits are cardless (although gimmicked), and that the card was added by sleight of hand when Blaine cut the fruit. This would explain why Blaine opts to cut the fruit himself rather than have Ford do it. Good rule of thumb: if a magician can make someone else do something, they usually will, because it looks more impressive. If they do it themselves, it's usually because they can't make someone else do it. This would also explain how they got the right card in there. Blaine has Ford reveal his card before Blaine opens the fruit. He can probably sleight of hand any choice of card into the fruit while cutting it.

    "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

  • Yoububehahaha

    1:09 he needs the fruit to be positioned in such a way that he can insert the card into the fruit with his ring finger, the hole has been put in the fruit before hand, more then likely by an associate (camera / tech crew) of David Blaines while he is talking in another room to Harrison. The real hard part of the trick is forcing a certain card to be on Ford's mind during said talk.

  • Paul Young

    Logically, I know there's some reasonable explanation. Still, my reaction would probably be the same. Followed by shouts of, "Burn the witch!".

    #NSFW language