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  • NewMoney527

    I swear to god I thought summer was June 21-September 21. It going to be 95 degrees on the first day of school(Sept 8th) in Virginia. It be 80-90 degrees in October too. Fall in Virginia arrives approx. 2 weeks before Halloween.

  • Glenn Woods' Bold Republic Radio Show

    One problem with this video – Labor Rights ARE NOT being rolled back in the USA. That last statement in this video is wrong.

  • Adam Hicks

    Sales… in other words, a day all the part timers work so the full timers and bosses can have a day off to buy things. Nothing is more American than buying things.

  • CJ Cole

    Many companies hate America and everything it stands for by forcing Americans to work on Labor Day. Don't reward these companies by shopping on labor day. Please Do not shop on labor day in stores or online. All these companies should be shamed for making their workers work on labor day. Making Labor Day a shopping day will only roll back American's rights to be free on Labor Day.

  • user12345

    'Have We' you're a UAE news channel, how many rights do east Asians workers have building your sky scrapers and fake islands?

  • bigge525

    We haven't forgotten. It's just that we live in a society that no longer values actual labor or workers in any way shape or form. We only care about wealth, power, and status.

  • withwingsaseagleeyes

    Labor Day is for all the Drones who grew up within this Structure of Society in which is planned by the Corporatized Statist Nationalistic System in which its Policies are found to have Traveled the Roads that Lead to Rome…
    Many Drones become Cannon Fodder for the Ideals of Freedom(now a days fighting Terrorist all over Earth, there are no borders in which THEY can't Cross except all Those Sovereign Nations of Peoples that do not agree with The Policies in which come by way The Roads to Rome. Every Man and Woman who joins any Military Force in any Nation on Earth these Days are not Fighting for Freedom… For Every Puppet Nation on Earth do THEIR Shopping for Arms in Jordan every couple of years: "The Business of War: SOFEX" Look it up. The Masters who OWN all the CANNON FODDER which are MEN and WOMEN who serve as CANNON FODDER for THOSE In POWER of Earth which Used The Lands of The Americas, namely the North American Continent as the Base of Operations starting back when Great Britain was The World Power that kept all the Gates around the world and controlled all the Trade. Of course THEY need to condition Minions to do THEIR Dirty Work which are CANNON FODDER(Men and Women who think they serve for the Sake of Freedom, used to be for Queen/King/Pope in your face. Now a days is done behind Closed Doors)