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  • chamakh2917

    Cameroon with 23 shots?! TWENTY THREE?! Against the world champions? I've got to say I'm very impressed with this Cameroon side. I hope they have a good cup run.

  • Dimitri Vincheov (Truth Soldier 56)

    Cameroon did too little too late…man that header almost went in!

    CAM vs SUI should be a cracker of a match!

  • Gaelle Nyobe

    Good game Japan is #1 playing with number team# 53. What a great come back cameroon girls . Keep your head up and be ready for Switzerland.Jesus c est la solution! Impossible n est pas camerounais.

  • mountainhobo

    You have to feel bad after watching this match. The onslaught by the Cameroon team in the last 20 minutes, all the hard work, the heart they put in it, the fantastic passing, and the last seconds near goal… What a great team. Sometimes you need a bit of luck, maybe a hair more consistency, just a little better finishing. If Cameroon keeps developing like this, they could be a powerhouse in the future. It was a joy to watch them.

  • Sportslover

    According to the statistics, the Japanese team did not have one single shot in the second half. What's wrong with them? It seems that they only focused on controlling the ball. Hope they can be more aggressive.

  • Kontol Gede

    Japan has looked shaky overall but solid enough in defense. They need to play better if they want to retain their title. Cameroon will cause an upset in the knockout stage. These are two underrated teams. Great tournament so far.

  • JunmaiSake

    It seems like Japan's main concern is to save some legs until they meet more notable countries using all sub players and mixing up the line-up. Even Miyama who played 2 full games tries to get some rest on the field??? Not very exciting so far, but I guess it's a wise and right decision by the Japanese couch. I am wondering if Samejima is going to be MF or DF when they meet US, Germany, or France??