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  • Hacer Bozkurt

    I admire Wendy's great advice for women to present themselves alone at a nice restaurant looking good, smelling good, anchored in her self-love- making eye contact to magnetize a man- and NOT speak first!

  • Sean Mauws

    This woman makes a living on negatively judging others. There is a lot of throwing stones going on here. Also her advice about where to meet men, she took that right out of one of Steve Harvey's Episodes. Are you kidding me?

  • haley444

    Attend a rave before you judge the ones who attend. A great amount of ravers dont do drugs. Pasquale is not a "party planner" he is an international music festival FOUNDER for people who love electronic dance music-which include many many genres. Please look up this stuff before you tear down out community to the 50+ aged viewers on television who have young adults as children attending these events. Way to spread negative media. Tisk Tisk.

  • EddiMusicSwe

    You are disgusting Wendy! The way you twist stories and trying to find out the kids father. Mind your own business you are full of yourself.

  • Ales sandra

    Omg this women are so annoying and this show is awful. A bunch of people looking for rumors and judging other people because they have nothing better to do.

  • Lisa Burton

    Wendy, I would watch your show once in a blue moon, when there was absolutely NOTHING else on. And now, I know why. It's mostly due to the fact that you are an indignant, misinformed, sladerous maggott. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I am 51 years old and attend raves with my kids and their friends and we don't need to be "high" because the music gets you high. If anyone is "loopty loo" it's you and that straggly ass wig – STRAIGHT SMOKED OUT. Pasquale is an awesome, very creative, brilliant being. You don't know him, so why would you pass judgement?? You're a hellava Christian. Shame on you. Stop hating. Did you see him giving anyone money…? No. So get that nappy head of yours out of your ass, Call the kettle and get the truth, and stop making yourself look so retarded. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. You remind me of the dumb bitches who stand behind people saying, "yeah! yeah! what she said", as they jump on the band wagon just because. Seek the truth FROM THE SOURCE. Stop alleging this and alleging that. You hurt people when you do senseless things like that. THINK, THINK AND THINK AGAIN. THEN TASTE YOUR WORDS BEFORE YOU SPIT THEM OUT. WE LOVE YOU, THANK YOU AND SUPPORT YOU, PASQUALE ROTELLA!!

  • Jahomey505

    And Pasquale didn't do any of that! Go Pasquale! I love you my dude. Also to add the raves aren't always about the drugs. Learn your stuff woman!

  • sarme25

    All you fetuses getting all hot and bothered about the drugs at raves comments, stop lying to yourselves, fools! Who are you trying to convince? And what are you so offended about? Wendy's depiction of a rave was spot on. And this is coming from an original raver that has been going to the same parties (you profess to be nothing like that) since you were merely a fluke of chance in your dad's scrotum. And especially to the wackadoo 51 yr old who goes to raves with her kids, either you were wacked as you posted that comment or you haven't been to a real rave, you choose.