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  • Gregory Bean

    This is great, Max. Thank you. I've been searching for a copy of the '90 AFC Championship game, do you have it? Or can link me to it?:

  • Bill Leonard

    Love the comment from Costas at 1:16:24

    "We'll also visit again with the Steelers' coach Bill Cowher… He'll play Houston next Saturday, barring a Buffalo miracle in the second half coming up."

    Good call, Bob.

  • Kris Ross

    Its a shame OJ turned out to be such a criminal. He was revered here in western NY and would have been a great television personality. Now its all about that bronco and a few corpses left at his feet. Way to go Juice.

  • Global Warming Skeptic

    Bills were down at the half, then OJ Simpson spoke to them and gave them advice on murdering the other team without getting caught!

  • Mike Baker

    Great upload. Are Bills games all you have, or do you have others? I'm a Redskins fan (don't laugh) and I would love to see the game I watched in person when I was a kid. It was when they played Philadelphia in 1987. My Skins had a decent lead, and blew it at the end. I think the final was 34-27 Eagles.

  • Lembuti

    thanks so much for this… I was in college at the time, and didn't go home for winter break that year (went to stay with an old h.s. friend who also didn't go home)… he didn't have a tv, and didn't watch football, so I was so anxious to know the score… the lobby to his apartment/student housing had a big screen tv with couches, and I told my friend I was gonna' go down and watch some football. When I got there, a3-4 grad students were making idle chatter, with some bogus tv show on with a low volume setting… I asked them if anyone was watching and if not, could I change the channel to watch some football… they said, "ok"… you can imagine how my heart dropped to see the score at 35-3 in the 3rd quarter… I sighed and decided in my head, 'ok, let's see if we can will these Bills to win… there's still some time and Buffalo has a fast no-huddle offense…' one of the grad students took a peek at the tv and laughed at the Bills… so the magic started happening… inside I was cheering so crazily but I didn't want to jinx anything so I kept quiet… slowly, more and more ppl sat down on the couches to watch the game… a few grad students started changing their tune and said, "I think the Bills can do this"… at the end, there must've been 10+ students (not Bills fans) who couldn't leave the tv and finished the game in amazement…I was so happy, too, but I think deep down I knewBuffalo would come through :)