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  • Tobin Prowant

    I don't know how will survive another year with the coward we have leading us before we can have a truly great man like Ted Cruz leading us

  • Jon Smith

    God Ted Cruz has such a punchable face, Joe McCarthy 2.0 in the flesh why I asked him what he would do he'll never be president lol.

  • downtourth

    This world is so dumb! Does anyone read history anymore? course not! or is 2+2 = 3, because it's 1984, when there is always a reason for more War! This psycho is koo koo! The republicunts should pick Trump, lol.. Peace it uP m/

  • Josh Betancourt (It'sMeJosh)

    I don't give a fuck about this bitch ted! he can suck my dick! he just says what people want to hear right now. He's an asshole!

  • Chad Rushing

    Meanwhile Obama is fast tracking the immigration of tens of thousands of Muslims to help increase domestic terror. I wonder if any of the terrorists Obama let go from Guantanamo were masterminds yesterday?

  • joseph isaacs

    Ted Cruz, you are arrogant and selfish and a prick. First of all, everything you say appears rehearsed, and not only that, you have'nt said anything from the heart. You're too preoccupied with trying to sell your candidacy in a time of crisis. I would'nt vote for you simply because of how you look and how you carry yourself; you look like a know it all with that smirk you always have on your face.

  • Polydynamix

    Thank god Ted Cruz is here to join Fox News in the exploitation of the dead for their own personal agendas. It's nice to know that these people didn't die for no reason, but that these douchebags could profit. I would hate for their loss to be in vain.

  • Taekwon Yoo

    America will not do anything until they are massacred in NYC or CHicago . America hided and watched the holocaust till Pearl Harbor happened