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  • MrRenegadePhoenix

    Thank god Gatlin didn't win. After been caught taking drugs TWICE, he shouldn't be allowed to take part in professional athletics. Bolt is a much better athlete and seemingly drug free.

  • 3dakainsane

    Its weird to think how well Bromell did and how poorly Tyson and Asafa performed.
    I was really thinking Asafa was going to be a contender this year, he was looking good and then Mr. Sub 10 king doesnt even break it for his names sake. Its disappointment after disappointment with him and big races, his whole career is one big choke…
    But in happier news glad to see Bolt come through even though it is too close for comfort. We havent seen him with a strong return to the 100 where Gatlin has also been dominating. Lets see him do it again.

  • phaethon1988

    Nice race by Bolt. I knew it wouldn't be a blowout. Gatlin got so used to pouncing on fields that he forgot how to respond to competition and broke form, lol… but the real beauty of this race were the two young charges in Bromell and DeGrasse for joint bronze. That for me is their baptism into the fire of elite sprinting. I hope they have a long and exciting rivalry.

  • Pat Huntley

    Usain is a freak of nature. How many times in the history of track of field have you seen a man over 6'2" in sprint events? That long stride plus the speed makes him different than any other sprinter in the world.

  • sunday Ibironke

    well you can call some guys cheats but seriously they still tried and without drugs in this race.But Gatlin is getting in form and Asafa and Gay are kind of gone.But the race is really too close for comfort,Usain Bolt is getting relax and rusty,0.01 s is rather too close but thank God he won,wait a minute I miss the beast(Yohan Blake)here where is he man(is he injured).he wud have take the advantage of Bolt losing form and win the gold.But Usain Bolt your name is in Gold already but please win 100m and 200m in Rio,Brazil 2016 before hanging the boot.

  • Prince Sidique

    Great race. Gatlin is an amazing sprinter but Bolt is the king of the game. He is toPRINTING what Tiger used to be to GOLF. They have the mental fortitude to defeat staunch rivals even if they are not in the best of physical shape.

    Shout out to DeGrasse and Treyvonne Bromwell. These youngsters are the future of Sprinting.

    I have to say that I was utterly shocked at the shellacking of Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell. I honestly thought they were going to be tough contenders in this event.