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  • nazi aleks

    Hey complex, you forgot to mention that he said Adrian Lester, a black actor would be a great Bond. And James Bond has always been a suave white guy, that's the truth. Now should it stay that way? I don't think James Bond being white should offend anybody. But to be honest this guy would be a great bond. He's very stern, sharp, and has a deep British accent. But I don't want James Bond to be black just as a "gimmick", like the all female Ghostbusters cast. That would be an insult to both the fan and actors.

  • Sharkiesha Thomson

    yall fuckin stupid and think your opinion on art / cinema is relevant. just because your dumbass thinks every white person is out to get blacks doesn't make it true, and in fact, that mentality will do more to propitiate racism than it will do to stop it.

  • 101publicenemy

    +Complex Should change the name of this channel from complex to victim complex. Gritty seriousness is not the same as being "street". Gritty seriousness refers to the atmosphere of the films, they where less light hearted, more dark and brewding, Bond himself remained suave and classy. Of course though, Complex as reactionary as ever sees this as a colour issue and is having a cry about it. There are plenty of Black actors that would fit the bill; Michael Jai White, Denzel Washington hell even Jamie foxx. Stop turning everything into a race issue it was clear what was meant. Complex left out that he recommended Adrain Lester (Black Actor) because they have an agenda to push.

  • Max Elling

    I hate to say it but it would be strange to see bond as anyone but a "sauve" white male with little emotion, thats just who james bond is

  • Iakab Ion

    why avrinthing in america has to be Racist? and you guiz put the black one to do this one….come on man, you just want drama…this is tipical american, making big deal about all the minor things from outside , i dont like the "american think"

  • MayorMcCheese78

    Horowitz is right on Idris Elba not being right for the part. I don't think he's street but he just doesn't fit the James Bond persona to the T. All you people wanting James Bond to be black need to take color and race out of the issue and look at what the James Bond character is. And another thing, why does he have to be black? Are black and white the only colors that matter in this world….oh wait, yes they are according to black and white people.