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  • AJ+

    Idris Elba has been cast as a Norse god and Nelson Mandela, but apparently he's “too street” to play James Bond. Is “too street” just code for “too black”?

  • Artbug

    The problem is the media is just reporting on the "too street" snippet and not the full statement. Not even the video included the full statement (way to go, +AJ+) And they purposely spun it to be racist. People are so hungry to be mad about anything that they believe the crap lies that the media feed them and they end up looking like damn fools.

    Go read the full statement yourself. Don't let bullshit sensationalized media channels like this get your panties in a twist.

  • The muslim Atheist

    Idris Elba is a great actor, looking forward to seeing him in too street. But sean Connery will always be my favorite bond.

  • TheoKabala89

    To me Bond is one of those characters that should never be changed. He should always be a white male as he was intended to be. I'd rather see Idris take on the Alex Cross role, or better yet bring Luther to the big screen.

  • nahimgood

    James Bond has always been white, why would he suddenly become black? Let's bring the Fresh Prince back with Will played by a white person.

  • Franklyn Ejizu

    I would have agreed with the writer only if Daniel Craig wasn't cast as the last Bond. Craig was far rougher than any other bond and appears more rough to me than Elba. It's hard for me to see how its not about his race. And if it is, the writer should just come out and say it instead of pussyfooting around.

  • Santiago Broncano

    people actually bitch about a movie lot's of them aren't even going to watch?

    this movie is done by a private company, which means they can do whatever the fuck they want.