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  • Jared Beach

    I don't see why people are hating on him for flopping….if you were a top free throw shooter in the league wouldn't you try & get to the line as much as possible?

  • João Inácio

    i really like him but i understand what he does to earn the fouls, isn't exactly flopping(he does exaggerate sometimes). But when someone tries to get the ball in his hands, instead of protecting the ball he elevate his arms like in 2:27 , 3:15 , 4:14 , 4:22 , 4:57 in the video (so the defender hands touches his arms and look like they are grabbing him). When a shorter defender is elevating their arms to protect the rim from a layup he usually changes the ball the "weak" hand and tries to make contact with his layup arm and defender arms 4:35 , 6:25 . When a bigger defender elevates his hands to protect the rim he usually bump de big defender chest and tries to make the layup if his hand far from the defender 2:34 , 2:37, 4:48, 5:05 , 6:18 (so he makes contacts to earn free throw but he is able to attempt the layup). I wrote some of his plays, besides that is just getting the perfect angle, which he is also pretty good. He is reall smart and plays by the rule, i understand why get mad, but it's really smart from his part.

  • Nice Meme

    people call it flopping, I call it strategy.

    he sticks his arms out during the drive so he can get the contact.
    Look @ chris paul for flopping


    I dont get why people hate so much. The guys writing hate comments about nba players cant get buckets against good defenders.

  • N mak

    Now that you watch his skill and not judge by the boxscore proves how patient andsadistic of a scorer he is, And lets gets something clear a defender cant try to stop you drving to the basket with his back to you… so those pushes are straight legal.
    Harden is a very strong guy, He isnt the quickest or even as athletic as most superstars which is why Curry personally is judged the same way. These guys use sheer skill to force their ways in games. Players like LeBron and Westbrook are just gifted athletically ints why they seem flashy. Harden is a old-school sort of player. He isnt looking to break ankles or dish out sweet dimes they guys getting paid to do one thing any its find a way to put the ball in the hole and he delivers. Hardens quick burst of speed and extremely fundemental footwork makes him unguardable, He uses the glass to he advantage and looks for the easiest route to the hole. Kyrie is god at using the glass and its angles so is curry but Harden's left hand just makes it harder for defenders to sway their body towards him. Harden is truely a gritty player which is hard to come by these days. Harden is a hybrid of Paul Pierce/Manu Gin with a thick frame and his mid range shot is very automatic.

  • ouch1226

    damn..those eurostep! he's totally unstoppable not because he's so powerful when he drives like LebronJames but how he gracefully shakes his opponent team.