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  • Buzzlite99

    If you enjoyed the Harden Mix, make sure you check out my New Mix "Houston Rockets – Raise Up" Thanks for the Comments!

  • GoldenSymbiote

    Honestly Curry is my all time favorite player…. But Harden deserved the MVP award more. I dont think he necessarily played at a level that much greater then Curry. But he played at such a high level without any help any teammates to pick up his mistakes. He was the MVP last year.

  • Keenan Lababidi

    James Harden should've won MVP in my opinion.

    2014-14 Season: 44% Field Goal, 37% 3-pt, 86% Free Throw, 5.7 Rebounds, 7 Assists, 1.9 Steals, 0.7 Blocks, 4 Turnovers, 27.4 Points.

    That right there is an MVP. Best Player from this season no doubt.

    (Cavaliers Fan)

  • NotaRapper

    For real tho, Harden deserves the mvp this year. People tryin to say that Curry's the shit and he deserves mvp, sit down. Harden has straight up carried his team into the second seed of the western conference. He has had an injury prone team, Dwight (the only other player besides him capable of being an all star.) has been out constantly for the rockets. When you look at the work load Harden has had to carry compared to Curry, its obvious who the mvp should be. The warriors without Curry would probably be a 6th or 7th seed, but the rockets with out Harden are bottom feeding and waiting for lottery picks. Look at the Warriors bench and you see two recent all star players sitting in place of BETTER starters. Take a look at Houstons bench and their best bench players are arguably a washed up Josh Smith (compared to what he used to do.) and Corey Brewer. Harden DESERVES mvp. This is not meant to be disrespect towards Curry, Curry is a top five player in the league, but he doesn't deserve mvp.