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  • Halfricanator

    Hey +GD's Final Highlights

    Thanks for adding bebop to this video. Most of the kids watching this video will probably turn the music down or turn on some hip hop, rock, or electronic music, but it's nice hearing #realjazz coming from a video made in the 21st century.

    - a jazzhead.

  • Miltonman100

    And he shouldve been mvp.Smh boy had Tjones n Dwight miss half the season and led us to 56 wins and won the best division in the league.

  • Miltonman100

    Best isolation player in the league.Hes literally a complete offensive talent.Unbelievable how hated he is.Every play the rockets run is through James Harden

  • Ryan Terry

    People ignore how great he has been for 99% of the season but all people recognize is a 13 TO game. This dude is the truth and one bad game doesnt define the kind of player he is, just like one great game didnt make Austin Rivers great

  • bledredwine

    Such artistry as exhibited by James Harden can only be possessed by few living beings that roam the planet, not necessarily all human – perhaps a cheetah, one out of a million parrots, a cockatoo and no other human. When I watch James Harden, it's like seeing Da Vinci compose his greatest works right before my very eyes. How lucky we are, to have a blessing of true genial ability, master of the footwork, a poet at heart, bestowing upon us this greatness and treasure that we will continue to witness for hopefully many years. It is undeniable that he possesses the heart and very being of mother earth, the tree of life flowing through him synergistically, through the planet, through his legs, up through his fingers, and into the basket. Indeed, it's a miracle to witness.

  • John Doe

    1. Ty Lawson
    2. James Harden
    3. Trevor Ariza
    4. Josh Smith/Terrance Jones
    5. Dwight Howard
    That starting 5 is scary good. They got to the WCF basically without a point guard, now that they have a legit person at pg I think this is their year to win it all. Hoping for a cleaveland and houston finals. Don't know who i'd even want to win.

  • Lee Malone

    I would commit suicide literally if I was the owner of the Thunder. I'm going to bet Harden will be the face of the NBA at his 30th year on this earth. He's 25 now. They gave up a not an all star, not a super star…this is a mega star. Top 5 player in the league. And they had him all along. Gotta be so painful to see how successful he's become now.

  • Ras Kamose

    I don't understand why this guy can't be guarded. His right hand is weak as hell. He takes 2-3 dribbles with the right and switches back to left, always driving to the left.