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  • Ivan Wu

    lol both commentators are actully Brittish, the way they got silenced in that last goal is priceless. England football is a joke. Their women's team is a joke, but I have to say much better than their men's team, which is a complete joke. everyone laugh at england for past 30 years

  • Tatsuya Minami

    Basette was NOT bad or wrong, just the power of her kick was weak.
    For Japanese very quick attack she would kick out over the crossbar, even if she had not done that own goal, Team Nadeshiko would have netted.
    I am Japanese, but I say "Best Wishes" to Laura Basette!

  • 20Alanpartridge

    Thank goodness the useless oaf scored an own goal, now we wont have to suffer any more silly headlines in the paper about how the women are reasonable at playing the men's game and crap like that. Goodbye, and good riddance to them.