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  • NascarNixon

    Can't make up their minds on restarts, can't make up their minds on when to throw the yellow, can't decide on a points system, give teams write-ups for rule infractions worthy of points deductions, constantly manipulate the race outcome with bogus debris cautions, let Cup guys run wild in the lower series, etc. It's no wonder I've skipped watching 1/3 of races this year.

  • Kyle Busch fan #18

    I'm a strong Kyle Busch fan as you know, but this new bull that NASCAR is doing is crazy. Dale Jr deserves to be in the chase too. But they just do away with 3 GWC and only leaves one

    .. CRAZY !!!

  • roush26

    And Kevin said "watch out when Brad goes into Bulldozer mode". Coming from a guy who wrecked an entire field on purpose. Well Kevin. Don't really want to ever hear from you again.

  • JVC1103

    At 1:14 Dale Jr is leading. But NASCAR don't care. Harvick got away with fixing a race. But got MWR for fixing a race. Good Job NASCAR at being dumb!

  • KyleBuschPackFan

    I cant say for a fact that Jr woulda won, but this 1 gwc attempt is complete horse crap (The Austin Dillon crash happened on the first gwc btw), and they should have AT LEAST run it green until the backstretch or turn three. Screwing NASCAR's most popular driver out of a win doesn't do much for your popularity, and NBC needs to STOP sucking NASCAR's dick when it comes to this. They need to give their HONEST opinions, especially if they are AGAINST NASCAR.

  • Johann Regalado

    What"s the point of having up to only one GWC attempt? Every time there was more than one attempt, it was super entertaining, but because of the new rule it just went to sh*t. NASCAR needs to change this to three attempts again.

  • Zachary Jayson Bjerkness

    I like Harvick but you can easily see in the second replay as Bayne is passing him on the outside, Harvicks car makes a sudden move to the right wrecking the field. Im sorry NASCAR but Jr should be in the chase and Harvick should be penalized and out of the chase. Jr had the race won! sorry ending to a good race.