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  • pete saws

    Hwy, what's this I noticed @13:54.I guess Snuka didn't really want to fight Piper that bad since they are only a few feet away in the locker room area. Cameraman needed to pay a bit more attention.

  • maximuscaligula

    Yeah, I remember this one, brutal, I took a break from watching pro wrestling for a while at the end of 1983, then this was the first match I saw Roddy in in almost a year since Starrcade '83 when he was the most popular good guy in WCW/NWA. Piper barely defeated the hated evil supervillain Greg "The Hammer" Valentine in that horribly bloody dog collar match which seriously cost Piper his hearing in one ear, then all of a sudden I turn on the tube in July of '84 and my favorite wrestler is a brutal, ultra-violent maniacal heel and the #1 hated supervillain in this new WWF league I never heard of. I was like WTF is going on here? Even after the Piper/Valentine feud, seeing Snuka there a completely bloody mess was upsetting and disturbing to me.