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  • Lorenzo Archie

    Fun fact: in 1992 the Green Bay Packers selected Robert Brooks #87 in the 3rd round. In 1995 Robert Brooks had a break out year he had 102 receptions 1497 yards a franchise record until Jordy Nelson eclipsed it last year. That year in 1995 the Packers went to the NFC championship game and lost to the Dallas Cowboys. In 1996 Robert Brooks tore his ACL early in the season. The results of that season were, the Packers won their first Super Bowl in 29 years. How does Jordy Nelson and Robert Brooks connect?? Last year Jordy Nelson had a breakout year and the Packers lost the NFC championship game. Just like Robert Brooks, Jordy Nelson is the #1 receiver. Jordy is done for the remainder of the season just like Brooks was. Is it adding up for you yet? So instead of freaking out about Jordy Nelson's ACL all you gotta do is R-E-L-A-X! History repeats itself

  • shaochia vang

    Devante Adams needs to step up his game, 10x and so does that Ty guy. I thought it was a ankle injury and he was probably going to miss training camp, shit came back as a possible ACL ?

  • DAM21

    Have to be positive. If he is out all year the Packers can develop Adams and Montgomery. And have an even better WR Group next year.

  • Nate Petersen

    Cobb….Adams……Montgomery……Janis….hoping this will be the rotation since Nelson is out. Of course since he hobbled off on his own and walked to the medical check with little to no lumps, I'm hoping Nelson can come back. This also means we are still ok because we can lean on Lacy a little more!! Sorry Rodgers you might not have record breaking passing yardage but we need to put the burden on Lacy's shoulders…..and he can take it!!

  • Andre12193

    Right now, it's still unconfirmed. As you mentioned, ACL tears are injuries a player doesn't walk or limp off the field through. My guess is, its a very slight tear, and he'll be out for 4-6 weeks. If worst comes to worst though, and he is out for the season, here's my bold prediction: the Packers offense wont miss a beat. Jordy is a key player, but Rodgers is Rodgers. On top of that, Cobb, Adams. Janis, and Montgomery aren't linear receivers. Their skillsets can represent many mismatches for Rodgers to exploit. Add that we also have a good o-line, I think our offense should be fine. What does worry me is the middle of our defense. When Clay comes back, he'll definitely be of help, but when he's playing outside, our depth behind Barrington hasn't looked that great, thus far. I also gotta say, Damarious Randall came to play today, and Gunter is looking like the real deal.

  • Jesus Perez

    Cant replace Jordy that's for sure. But, with Aaron throwing the ball we should be alright, he's the type of player that makes everyone better. So we should be good. We'll miss you this season Jordy! Get well soon!