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  • OettingerCroat

    I really like Justin Trudeau, and I think he is exciting to watch in debates… but this interview just shows, the guy doesn't know a whole lot. Tons and tons of time spent saying absolutely nothing, but not even a knowledgeable nothing like you get out of savvy politicians. He sounds a bit like a male Sarah Palin, not smart vs. dumb, but knowledgeable vs. ignorant…

  • Nathan Fredette

    this interview went waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the one with Stephen harper.

    (probably because one of them is used to taking questions, and the other is used to not taking any)

  • Gooberwalla

    As an Amerikan, I have no favorite in Canadian politics even though I despise Harper who is a weasel. Watching some of the answers from Trudeau told me that he is green and not ready for 'prime' time. He was especially vague on how he would deal with ISIS. This punk said the same thing that Bush, Obama and Harper have previously said about the MidEast region: send our advisers to train the armed forces of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc. to deal with the 'bad' guys. This didn't work in Vietnam and all the countries since. Of course Trudeau was lying about ISIS. That answer makes me suspect of his plans for the economy. He has some good ideas though except that he needs more time to mature.

  • Mornin Mornz

    Mansbridge asks him how he will get Canada out of the recession and he talks about environmental issues… how is that gonna help the economy? not saying environmental issues aren't important but it seemed like he side-stepped the question.

  • Maria Elisa Quintero

    Mr Trudeau:Thank you, for offer to service and lead our country, special in this time when our economy needs another way to go.

  • 013Burke

    I'll speak to my experience, and the specific experience I'll speak to are my deployments to Afghanistan. When Justin Trudeau speaks of training forces to defeat ISIS, he is spot on.

    When we first arrived in Afghanistan and went to speak with local leaders, they knew who the terrorists were in their villages, where weapons were stored, when attacks were going to occur but they were afraid. They were afraid of losing their lives and the lives of their loved ones. They were a suppressed people, and only near the end of the Afghan war did we see local leaders and villages begin to arm themselves, speak out on the critical information we required, and in the end, they were the ones fighting for their future. We cannot go in to the middle-east and impose the change we feel they need. They need to arm, train, and coordinate themselves and fight for their own future. The vast majority of Arabs want something we can all empathize with, they want their kids to have a better life than they did. We just need to enable them, and be there to guide them when the dust settles.

  • spider redips

    Justin Trudeau is the only candidate who appears to be rational thinking. There is really no better option than Trudeau right now.

  • Angry Canadian

    God save us all if this fucking dumbass kook gets voted in… I'm pretty much gonna be stoned as hell the whole time, if he does ffs because otherwise, I'd fuckin move West for better gov't. This freak + Wynne = milky gravity bong. Ontario will turn into fucking Brampton by the sounds of his foreign policy

  • Mist Ballman

    I mean…he's #justnotready

    In all seriousness though, I've seen loads of young female Canadians rooting for Justin because of his attractive looks. He may not be the reasonable choice to grab the post of Prime Minister, but his charisma, handsomeness and his ability to brainwash audiences does seem to bring the Liberal party up a notch :P

    Other than that, people say he sounds like a student council presidential candidate in high school every time he opens his mouth (but he's definitely super easy on the eyes). I'm gonna have to agree lol.

  • Mulcair DH

    Finally, Canada has a leader that's honest, sincere and ambitious about how special Canada can be. Harper has knocked us down a few pegs under his decade. We are better than that.
    Love how he talks with Mansbridge the same way he would any of us. Not scripted for short sound bites. Willing to go in-depth. Very strong platform and he was clever by trying to showcase a lot of it in this. Only small wobbles here or there so this is a big win for the Liberals.