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  • RedRabbit

    To all the progressive, forward thinking, liberal Canadians out there: We now have a self-proclaimed feminist, pro-choice, equal rights, marijuana legalizing, science follower as a Prime Minister. A First Lady who is a spokesperson for Anorexia & Bulimia in Quebec, a certified yoga instructor, a vocal proponent of reducing the stigma on mental health.

    Proud to be a Canadian today. Oh…and to be called a Citizen again and not just a "Tax Payer".

  • Mike Ikeda

    1. Harper got in last time because the Liberal scandal.
    2. Now the Liberals are in because of Harper and his crooks. (Duffy, Wallin, Brazeau, Redford etc.
    3. Pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan. No more wars for Canada.
    4. Raise Old Age Pension.
    5. Lower the age of retirement to 65 again.
    6. Let pensioners have Old Age Supplement if they live outside Canada.
    7. Legalize marijuana.
    8. Reduce dependency on fossil fuels.
    9. All elected officials should not be able to fly first class.
    10. Meals for elected officials should be limited to 10/20/40 for breakfast lunch and dinner. No more fancy dinners with expensive wine that we have to pay for.
    That would be a good start.

  • Geoff Ozzy

    Please don't forget there were some of us in Alberta that voted for you!!! I did! Just surrounded by hicks is all…. WHOOHOOOOO!!! Go CANADA!!!

  • BrutalTruth

    ..i'm not liberal, and i didn't vote for him.. but at least he's better than Harper. Lets see what you can do, Justin.

  • abcun17

    Let's hope better days are ahead for Canada. Congratulations Mr. Trudeau and all the best and good luck! Your dad would be proud!