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  • Chrissy212e

    Whow it's kinda obvious she had her butt done everthing shifted when she sat down….flat butts will make a comeback one day…damn Kim k/Jlo/Iggy/Khloe.

  • kemi7689

    Those butts and hips are hideous and the fact that she paid to have them is insanity. why? why? wtf why??…You want them small as possible, I'm doing every thing under the sun to get rid of my cellulite, and a fat butt is just not my thing..and not a black thing fyi I'm black

  • Neale Hurston

    She is the only R&B singer out with a gimmick right now. K stays with a gimmick; some bodies name in her mouth our some other fuckery. She has left her talent behind and leads with this media bullshit of "scandal" were all currently force feed. She sold her self out.

  • ChainReaction!

    Ladies, either work on yourselves and one day maybe earn the respect of a man or continue to watch these freak-shows and live in lala land… …you can't have both… *shakes head*

  • Sahra hussein

    I find it soo unclassy that she keeps talking about idris elba, if i were her i would just keep my mouth shut and move on

  • Lisa C.

    I love & hate Wendy for her messiness, however, she did not dig deep into the "relationship" between she & Idris. K's alright, but this interview & her interview with Charlemagne the god are #contradictory to her interview with Necole Bitchie, which's when she first talked about her affair with him. I mean if you gon tell all yo business, including the other person involved, let's get all the deats. I hate Wendy didn't have K elaborate on she entering the "relationship" KNOWING he had a woman & she was pregnant, so y would K choose to help him cheat? But whatever, I guess as long as she remains on this promotional tour, throwing Idris name around, perhaps she'll have better record sales, & maybe even get a new audience.


    K Michelle is as lame as they get. Shes like a d star always in the foreground but always got something to say. she should be suing those surgeons. I guess not everyone is born blessed

  • nubiacoco

    Althouugh I don't really care about her, I have to give it to her at least she's honest about the "enhancements" unlike other celebrities (Kim K, Nicky I am looking at both of you).