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  • Immanuel M. Eames

    The deeper message in this is… foot ball is nothing but 21 mins of play 39 mins of commercials. You want to see a real sport thats similar? Rugby. It will blow you away.

  • Prentice Sherrod

    Its a comical skit but there is fact in it. I don't think football will be around for long. It could be years from now but eventually this country is going to have to come to a realization of the effects that sport has on people's health. Head trauma is an all too common reality in the NFL. Along with debilitating injuries that compound over their career.. I don't blame parents who don't allow their kids to play. After 18 years of playing in school, 4 years in college their bodies are already half way demolished.. Then they are rewarded with a few more years, making six figures to destroy themselves even further.. And you're going to need as much money as possible because the medical bills you're going to have to pay is going to deplete much of your savings.

  • Mrskipper303

    Its a shame. Football is such a dying sport because of this issue. My grandfather and father played football and both have head problems. Football just can't continue having 300 pound men flying into each other at 15 mph its insane

  • Noah Barbosa

    This wasn't even that funny to me until he started feeling for his horn. That was when I started cracking up.

  • maskedgamer12

    Man I'd love to play a good game of rugby in rain like that! It would be amazing! Too bad England doesn't get weather like that :(

  • DJDeezy ThaTruth

    –So Cinematic :D & they use the hell out of prop outfits, sorta makes them matter more. That Rhino Team Though :D and yup, I've seen players get hit that hard and "The Team" keeps them in.. no tellin what they thought.. probably saw pink flying gerbils flying threw the air.

  • Djordje Ivanovic

    you americans are little pussies cuz you play with helmets , shoulder pads and shit! you don't know shit what's tough fucking 50 percent of you i obesse!