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  • rendarsmith

    I have a better idea. Let's just get government out of marriage altogether, then people can do what they want and don't have to worry about what other people think.

  • Tabitha Howell

    Lol too funny on the photo. You're right though. If she is gonna be a super Christian super hero then she needs to follow all three hundred or so original commandments. There's not just ten. There's ten major ones and she is trying to be imperialistic and her me me me attitude stops at the door and it's not about her feelings and conscience!! It's about the people's opinions all together as a whole. She is breaking a federal law and needs some federal prison time.

  • J. Robert Oppenheimer

    Remember that video you made saying after the gay marriage ruling back in June the fight for gay marriage was officially over? Hope you still don't believe that.

  • maria weast

    Your voice would be MUCH louder if you weren't downin beers between your points. What I mean to say is that you are directly ON POINT. But how many viewers discredit your thoughts only because of their FIRST IMPRESSION

  • Jeff Levy

    Um just because a baker owns his/her Business privately doesn't mean they can over look laws…

    there are two types of Private
    one is Privately Own
    one is Privately Opened

    Someone(s) who opens their Privately owned Business to the PUBLIC can't discriminate… aka they MUST serve everyone…

  • Susan Cagle

    Why cant these couples go to the judge in the same county and get their marriagelicense? Its available to them right now. Because this isn't about gay rights ..its about suppressing religious freedom. Its not about equality for all…its about superiority. If you cant accept others beliefs and their ways…don't expect them to accept your beliefs and your ways.Gays have a right to be married….And Kim Davis has her rights as well. Interfering with ones rights is against the constitution.

  • Alyssia Maiden

    "Asylum for her conscience"???? ooooooooh please do the world a favor and just STFU about this gay marriage shit. I think the rest of the world needs an asylum for our conscience from this non-issue.