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  • The Vigilant Christian

    Everyone saying she broke the law YOU HAVE NOOOO CLUE WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT !!! Watch this video to realize how clueless you actually are !!!

  • MVPeter

    honestly, this wasn't an attack on christianity. this lady's job was to license marriages regardless of sexual preference. if she didn't agree, just quit. tbh she's not even a good representation of christianity seeing she has had 4 divorces…I wonder the shit storm that went down during that time.

  • robert Midgett

    this lady did the right thang by not giving same sex couples marriage license, she stood up for Jesus, God will destroy america for allowing same sex marriage in, i,m telling y,all judgment is coming to this nation but i thank God for this lady boldness.

  • David Ortiz

    15 minutes late to comment yo Mario are you gonna rematch the peasants with Hovind and someone else to make it 3 on 3 not that it would make a difference because they choose to defy God but maybe you can save some of their followers? REMATCH THEM!

  • Bria Adams

    So upholding Christian values is grounds for going to jail now? Because she didn't give licenses to gay couples? That's so wack. Regardless of how many people hate God and Christians, y'all really tripping hard over this gay marriage stuff. Kim shouldn't have had to go to jail over something that trivial.

  • Jared Smigiel

    Christian not being killed is against my religion. If I find out that you are a Christian it's my religious right to kill you.

    What? You don't like that? To bad. Aha lacks is GREAT!!! (That's my god btw.)

  • DeepDarkReptiles

    The truth is. Christians did not create marriage, the fact is Pagans defined and created marriage, not the Christian god , not the bible and not christian pagans and native Americans were performing marriages (including same sex marriages and marriages like ceremonies ( IE: hand-fastings ) before the bible was even conceived and way before the story of eden(over 6000 years ago) . Christians have NO RIGHT! TO RESTRICT ANYONES! rights to marriage it was never their in the first place! Just like how the Christmas tree was never theirs to begin with !

    Christians came to this land. and Stole from the Native Americans Their land, their heritage , their history and their beliefs.
    and they and the pagans are evil?