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  • Timefliesbye

    Mom and Son, together in jail! For violating the first amendment.

    Freedom of religion. Means keep your religion in your own fucking house.

  • Nero Cyanide

    Why. Why would they have her own flesh and blood step in? Fire this fucking bigot piece of shit and hire someone who wants to do the god damn job!

  • Marchant2

    How many times have we read comments from bigots breathing their fire while they talk about how ugly the lesbians in gay articles are?

    What about bigots like Kim Davis? Talk about ugly. Every time they show a hardcore christian bigot, they're always overweight, middle aged to flat out fossilized and butt ugly. EVERY TIME I say!

  • Ted LeMoine

    the actual definition of the word bigot is a person who is intolerant of others who hold different opinions for ways to live their life. to me that describe exactly what Kim Davis is doing she is completely intolerant of someone who doesn't hold her believe he's no hero she's a bigot

  • Ryan Swanson

    She's out but the key story is this pathetic, allow me to repeat pathetic attempt by Kim and other Christians like herself to play the persecution card. Yeah, crocodile tears over here for you.

  • xithappens

    OK, I'm gonna have to say it at least once, since I haven't seen it said before: She looks retarded. Ugly word I know, but she does.

  • spookshowlady

    Wait… How does she think that sitting in jail will give her the right to deny other people basic civil liberties through a government job? Just… no logic.

  • J Stefan Renaud

    I am watching all this crazy stuff happen in the US from here in Canada. It really does resemble to rise of Fascism in years gone by, and it is actually a little scary. I see how reason has gone out the window. How can you reason with people for whom the meanings of 'freedom' and 'oppression' are reversed? How do you have peace with a mob of under-educated/uninformed and brainwashed religious zealots? Instead of the Jews and evil inferior minorities, it's Muslims and evil inferior minorities. The brainwashed mob vote to support corporate interests while thinking they are supporting their own. .. It really is scary, and I worry about how ideas that were extreme and unacceptable ten years ago are now mainstream and supported enthusiastically by tens of millions. I feel for you guys down there, and I worry about what it means for your neighbors to the north.

  • Roedy Green

    The compromise for her release is Kim Davis must not INTERFERE with licenses, though she need not issue them.

    As I gay person, I would say this is ok. So long as somebody issues the licenses, it is not my business who gets assigned the job.

    The problem with accepting such a solution, is you can have an office with 100% bigots working there with no one willing to take the assignment.

  • Peter Mullen

    This woman has a perfect right to express her opinions, and act in the interest of her conscience, and "beliefs" as bizarre, incomprehensible, backward, cultish, and twisted as they may be. There are no voices on the left, "that is zero voices on the left", saying anything to the contrary, even though filthy lying pandering self serving scum like Ted Cruz, and that lunatic fraud MIke Huckabee have tried to convince their brainwashed ignorant supporters otherwise.

    What I want to know, is why are the dumb asses, in the media, in almost every corner, dancing around this very simple open, and shut case of delusional, irresponsible, disruptive, discriminatory official behavior. This woman is not Joan of Arch, or the queen, a legislator, an executive, or a mulla in a theocracy, enforcing sharia law, though she may dream so. She is an administrative employee, appointed, elected, or otherwise, still just an employee. As a result, she is subject, as anyone else in government service, Local, county, state, or federal to the established rules of her employment.

    That fact, plainly means following administrative guide lines set down the day she entered service as an employee of that institution, or any other legitimate legal rule issued by an appropriate authority enacted in the course of her employment. That in turn means she is bound by, and subject to disciplinary action up to ,and including termination of her employment for refusal to abide by the rules set down by superior administrative, and, or legal authority to include : the county commissioner, the governor, the state legislature, the congress, or in this case the judgment of the highest court in the land which has already spoken unequivocally.

    This woman has ("zero") legal standing, or rational rebuttal, only disingenuous, irrational, preposterous, off the wall, fundamentalist illogic, and despicable politically motivated, backwards, cruel, abusive, misguided, poisonous subterfuge, and purposely disruptive vandalism. She should have been fired immediately for refusing to abide by these court orders. Her superiors should also be fired for failing to act in accordance with established employment practices, by failing to discipline, or terminate any employee who disrupts the official office, or fails to provide the very services she was hired to provide for the clients, of that office.

    Her options are to be fired, or to resign, if that is her choice in the course of professing her beliefs. Her options "do not include", enforcing her (Christian version of Sharia law) within this long established free secular state, personally rewriting, reinterpreting laws duly passed by congress, or court decisions handed down from the duly appointed high court of the United States. So stop massaging this bullshit argument to make it seem like she isn't completely wrong, and completely out of bounds. The people of her community bid her a fond adieu, and wish her well in her new position as enforcer for ISIL, or the Baptist high council, or the Vatican if that where she winds up. We don't care where you go, you just can't stay here, poisoning our society with your bigotry, hate, and obstinance. The people have spoken. 60%, a strong majority of the population favor granting marriage licenses, to same sex couples. The courts have made their decision, and the issues is closed, until the right wing lunatic fundamentalist fascists manage to take over the government implementing Sharia law, over my dead body.