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  • tiborvivi

    Your federal pig "judge" is next. He will be recalled and IMPRISONED for violating Mrs Davis civil rights, as well as for false imprisonment. Your judgie will have a new Big Bubba wife and can practice in his cell, he was jailing Mrs Davis NOT doing for.

  • Doug Brown

    why can't the human race wake up and realize their is no God? makes me so sad to know their are so many sheep on this planet

  • Empty Shadow

    Why can't she just do her job and sign the papers or quit? All this talk about signing the marriage licenses being against her beliefs yet she's been married four times. I bet she eats pork too. I bet she drinks alcohol. I bet she works on Sundays. I bet she does 101 things the bible forbids and doesn't give a fuck.

    So what the hell is her problem exactly?

  • Tripp Mcintyre

    There is No victory here for her!!! If she as so much as interferes in anyway with issuing gay marriages back to JAIL SHE GOES! The Judge sent a clear message to her and her followers. You DISOBEY the law of The United States you go to Jail!! That is and will always be ABOVE GOD'S LAW!!! The gay community is the winners here. She will forever be the biggest hypocrite bigot there ever was! She goes back to work as a jailed failure!!!

  • Watchman4u

    What we need to Ask is WHAT about the other Employees that refused to hand out sodomite license????? This don't smell right. The Apostolic church is about bringing in the Kingdom by earthly means…then you got these Rino's backing it??? If I'm wrong about that "Apostolic sect" then I'm sorry, but thats the way it looks.
    Just like the Westboural Baptist Bunch = Psyop are NOT christians, they were Top Democrats that help get Carter in Office, then went later went about to Demonize Christians that Believe The Word w/nonsense & hate.

    Now she was Right to not give out marriage license to ANYONE. I ask you Christians Brothers & Sisters where in The Bible does it say we are to go ASK for a License ? No where. The Reason for the 501c-3 to the Birth Certificate where your Mother Listed (Informant) Signed you over to The State you were Bonded for One Million Bucks to The Marriage License that is The Same Thing making your Marriage a State Corp. Ever Wondered why only a 501c-3 Pastor , Judge or Capt, of A Ship can Marry you? is ALL about Martine Law i.e. The Law of The Sea not Common Law i.e. God's Natural Law.

    But Guess what IF you work for the GOV you will have to obey. For The Churches IF you choose to be under Uncle Sam you 501c-3 It's in The Contract you signed w/the Gub – Ment , by LAW & your Own accord you asked to be Under Uncle Sam & NOT the LORD Jesus Christ and they have The RIGHT to Make you do what they Say. IF they were able to Speak FREELY in the 501c-3 churches It would have NEVER got to this point.

    I'm I the Only one that see's this. People It's Time you educate yourself to the Two You's the Real you & The ALL CAPS YOU ON ALL LEGAL PAPERS <—-that's the STRAWMAN YOU that you the real you ; born w/God Given Rights represent's & pays TAXES for, How Did that Happen?

    The Informant (Mother) turn you over to The State & You got a ALL CAPS Name on SS CARD , DRIVERS LICENSE, MARRIAGE LICENSE. Ever Wonder Why The FLAG in The Court is got Yellow Fringe around it? It's a MARITIME Flag of The Sea. You go thru that GATE before the Judge you ENTERED THE SHIP, Some Churches you see the SAME Layout The GATE then The MARITIME Flag w/the Yellow Fringe. That's how they Enslave us. They are going by another Law & thats why you Need a LAWYER that's on THE BAR the BAR is under The QUEEN of ENGLAND The BRITISH ATTORNEY REGISTER aka The BAR. They Sold us out a LONG time ago. Find your birth certificate & see those RED Numbers? Now Type that number in @ The NYSE & see how much you are worth now they buy & sell us on the Stock Market.

    Now you know Why they want to Kill off 3/4 of the Pop. That's a LOTTA MONEY to cash in on. Just Look up sometimes from That ( Mind Control Phone) @ the Skys see that Tic Tac Toe Patterns that hang for Hours…then cover the sky in a grey haze that Geo Engineering Look up What in The World are They Spraying. Same W/the Vacc. Look @ the Level of Autism in this Country it was UNHEARD of when I grew up. Now 1 in 4 has it. Some die after getting the Shot look @ the Insert before getting any SHOT , That's Unheard of now every store you see even on the sidewalks they are giving Flu Shots???? This is NOT Normal folks , The Countries that Don't vaccinate there people they have 0 ZERO No Cases of Autism in the Young. Wake Up people Turn to Jesus Pray He give you Wisdom & Discernment.

  • Mar La