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  • Toney Liakakis

    This fight proved once again how shitty of a fighter Kimbo is. How the hell does this guy have any fame? A 51 year old man that would 20-30lbs lighter took him down with ease twice. He will never win against a decent fighter.

  • Macmittens411

    The fight was 100% Real, I know the protocals. Trust me. The only thing they can do in a contracted fight like these is pay more for "Knock Out" or "Submission" Bonuses. And that is what they did with the fight with Seth, they wanted him to keep the fight standing, they never forced him but that's what the crowd wants to see.

    And Ken is EASY to KO. Easy money. Nothing fake about it.

  • Kikara Vaeindon

    If I was 60 lbs heavier I honestly think I would have performed better than both these "fighters". Either that was a fix or both these guys should be checked for arthiritis. An insult to MMA.

  • DarkCloudEntertainment

    Why didn't Kimbo tap? Shamrock had a TIGHT choke on him.. Idk, fight looked a little fake to me.

  • Wiizardii

    hahahaha I fucking predicted it, Kimbo either a lazy ass KO or TKO.. What a stupid fight, this is gunna go down in history as one of the worst mma fights ever. a 40 year old street fighter with horrible mma skills going against a 50 year old grandfather…. If this is what Bellator MMA represents of our sport, then it's the biggest disgrace ever. I am never gunna watch Bellator MMA ever.

  • +You Tube

    Why the hell would you fix a fight between a fat kimbo and an old shamrock? It's not like you can build up another fight with that outcome.
    Stupid conspiracy children.