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  • XxPhanieEmoxX

    Ugh, gross. If my daughter had a bf who wrote a song like this about her, I would kill him but hey Kris Jenner only cares about money.

  • Queen B.

    It's so sad and pathetic honestly that the people from Hollywood Life always shade but also lick the celebrities asses… Like 'Kylie looked so pretty'' and two minutes later ' Maybe Tyga was doing Kylie's homework '' ….

  • Sarah Hyland

    I can't believe she's in the music video, let alone actually be ok with the song. It's only so Tyga can actually make money instead of "borrow" it. He's selling tidbits of their relationship to make money. I guess that shows what type of people they are.

  • Malachi Wolf

    he said he was gettin big and he was stimulated wtf kylie is a year older than me and he talkin about her in that song like shes in her thirties or something

  • Vanessa Deanult

    They waited till she was 18 to do it it was obvi they were dating before that trying to hide it was stupid and ignorant

  • Tiko Tiko

    jesus is this suposed to turn her on??? .aybe so after all shes only 18 she may think shes in love but lol she fkn 18 we all had a first love and kris jenner is pimping her out just like she did kim i like kylie jenner but she needs to get her OWN IDENTITY that would be a n8ce change cant believe she has already had so much surgery at her age you can ckearly see the work she has had done the only one that jas made it on her OWN IS KENDALL SHE DOESN'T NEED TO DRESS LIKE A SKANK NOR SPREAD HER LEGS like kanye has already done with kim dont let it happen to u kylie you should follow kendalls example not Kim

  • dennis dominguez

    They Do What They Want, Foreals People Are Always Talking But He or She Don't Give A Fuck About People HATING on their relationship, I'm With Them 100% !