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  • MetroidFan

    I hate how people are alreadyjumping the gun and saying that Sony won E3 without seeing what Nintendo has in store for us.

  • TsukuneD

    8:45 Original stuff… looks at crowd
    "Last guardian" (sucessor to ICO and Shadow of Colossus)
    "Final Fantasy VII" (Remake)
    "Shenmue 3" (Direct Sequel) (That's just a kickstarter)

    Yes…. Original Stuff….

  • Lamsaturn

    If Nintendo showed Metroid Prime 4 and MOTHER 3 in addition to the undoubtable StarFox reveal, I feel like it would match my hype levels for Sony's conference. Regardless, this is the best E3 that I can remember.

  • Mizzah Tee

    FF7 CGI trailer, Last Guardian footage that looks suspiciously like the same footage from 6 years ago, an Indie Space game that still failed to show me gameplay of what I'm supposed to be doing with all that space, a lame driving "action sequence" from Uncharted 4, embarrassingly dragging The Legend Yu Suzuki on an E3 Stage to beg for money to make SHENMUE 3 instead of funding it themselves, and Sony impressed you??? LOL. I hope you hold Nintendo to these "standards" XD

    I'm very happy Shenmue 3 exists and I'm a big fan of the Uncharted Series, Horizon and For Honor looked good for what we saw of them, but let's be serious here guys…

  • Zvarri1228

    Everyone who wants a new Battletoads should go back and play the original. It'll show why there shouldn't be another Battletoads.

  • QuistySnr and QuistyJnr

    I thought both conferences were strong, I'm lucky enough to own all the latest consoles so it's win win for me

  • Cameron E.

    Sony had a Kickstarter?

    Really? Sony? Are they going bankrupt suddenly? So much so that they can't even afford to make a game? Why do they have a Kickstarter??

  • rk2059342

    Sony fucking killed it, sold me on a PS4.

    They've actually got me even more hyped for Nintendo. Is that weird?

  • ShyGuy19898

    We had Earthbound Beginnings NES finally translated and released to the west 25 years after Japan and it dropped yesterday! and now Shenmue fans can expect a similar feeling. awesome! :)

  • Iftekhar Ahmed

    I'm sorry but for everybody who's chatting shit about Microsoft's conference, the backwards compatibility is an achievement (a late one coming too) and the 30 game Rare collection is an amazing package for what its worth. Oh yeah, Cupman, was anybody paying attention to that Indie game (with the 1930's cartoon style)? that was beautiful! I'd go as far as to say that it was overall better than Sony's conference.