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  • Furr Bear

    Congressman Steve Womack is a chickenfucker.

    John Oliver's been doing some awesome things with his show – not to mention officially posting the core segment of his show to YouTube.

    None of the people on the relevant committee you'll hear about in this piece are my congressperson – so I'm doing my best to help by getting the word out.

  • TC Coltharp

    Sounds like to me that these big coorporations are taking advantage of lack of knowledge about finance and mixing in a some cutting edge pyschological manipulation.

    I wouldrarely considersigning a contract that determines my returns based on a subjective measures instead of objective measures. And then those subjective measures scale up constantly. And then I have to spend millions of dollars to have a stab at those returns. Screw that. Only a person in love with farming would sign that contract. You could make more money just investing a reasonable mutual fund and you would not have to shovel chicken poop to get it.

  • M. “Rowan” Adams

    Chickens are so freaking cute. I wish those farmers were allowed to build pens that get light and air. Those pens with little circulation get full of ammonia and other poisonous gasses from all the chicken poop, and the farmers can barely go in there to feed them without gas masks. (Actually, law says that they must have masks, but once again, unenforced.) I'd take leaner chicken if it meant better conditions for both the chicken and the farmer.

  • Onyx Valkryja

    You know.. I can't help but speculate that, aside from the 20-some odd instances of "chicken fucker" (thank god that's not a drinking game), the real reason this show is aired on HBO instead of "regular" cable is because the issues presented are so convicting of so many corporate behemoths/sponsors that they wouldn't want his show to be more widely accessible. Maybe it's a bit conspiratorial to think that, but there's still no doubt that a collective awareness (regarding most of these topics) could prove quite damaging to these quiet injustices.
    /removes tinfoil hat
    Either way, the fact that he's gaining such rapid success (moreso than before, at least) is super exciting. Please don't stop, John! <3

  • 3321far

    Don't give the bastards the chickens back. Pick a month, say July when the July 4th weekend comes up. Get all the farmers to join together and just tell the companies pay up or we kill your chickens and let them rot. Let's see the over burdened sheriffs departments try to get 180 million chickens back from aroused and armed farmers across all the red states. The greatest generation did it during the Depression and it got action.

  • Nicolas Poolen

    The National Chicken Council responded on their website to this video, claiming it gives a ''one-sided view''. Their main argument includes the ''fact'' that a University of Delaware survey concluded that 73 percent of the poultry farmers were satisfied with contracting business overall. While a system, wherein every three on four farmers benefit, at the costs of the fourth farmer seems not a good system, the survey they mentioned, seems to be published in 1998. 'Yes, National Chickin Council, a survey done 17 years ago perfectly represents the satisfaction of current farmers'. -_-

  • Thebe Bashaleebee

    And the states with the most chicken farmers are red. It's hard for me to shed a tear for people who keep voting against their own best interest.

  • Shanna Livermore

    I'm sad that they glossed over the horrible life the animals live until they are unnecessarily killed. I am equally sad that they poked fun at animal advocacy advocates, but I do understand that this is a show dedicated to satire and the particular story's focus was the farmers. They certainly suffer a great deal as well, and not just from stress, but from exposure to the antibiotics and hormones. Vegucated is a great movie as is Food Inc. if you want to learn more. Corporations in general are evil as fuck.

  • Rachel John

    It didn't work did it, that woman never did try to save the farmers rights and if she did, she lost. Anyone know?