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  • PeterK1984

    In case somebody wonders, the German word they posted is the term for companys that offer an insurance for legal bills.
    And also that particular type of dancing is a traditional dance in a particular region. Modern Germans just laugh at people who still do that.

  • – Akumetsu Kami –

    So it turns out "rechtsschutzversicherungsgesellschaften" in German means "legal expenses insurance companies" in English.

  • squire the sky theif

    daylight savings time is like cutting the top off a blanket and sewing it to the bottom and saying you made a bigger blanket its so dumb!!!

  • Jenny Thorson

    I live in Arizona, so I've never had to remember to change the time. Thank god because I would forget and end up being either late or early for work.

  • Ronald Yoder Sr. Entertainment

    My brother say that we are actually saving daylight in case of catastrophic event such as sun dying. He say this is top secret program by DURPA. The daylight is being stored in a secret vault inside Mt. Rushman. We have already amassed many hours of daylight over the years which will be put into good use during the great nightfall to rebuild our planets. We must be able to see to repair road and bridges as well as construct new building, this is essential! I know it sound outlandish but my brother has been right before!

  • Kristian Kumpula

    For those of you who get baffled by the very long words in German language, they're actually several words. Some languages have enough to sense to merge several words into a single word when several words are used to name a single thing. For example a "dual clutch transmission" would instead be a "dualclutchtransmission"

  • Jill

    I freaking love daylight saving! Sure it screws your sleeping time at the beginning. But I love when it's 8pm and it's still light outside.

  • Yonatan Zunger

    Really, why is this still a thing? I have yet to hear a single decent argument in its favor. Personally, I've always suspected that it was part of some kind of conspiracy by morning people: it means that in the winter, when daylight is scarce, people awake early in the day get more daylight hours, whereas in the summer, when there's already a surplus of light, people get more of it in the evening. So every spring, we get to lose an hour of sleep, and every fall, we get to suddenly never see the sun because it's set by the time people leave work.

    Seriously, why are we doing this?

  • Abby Yomie

    I feel so stupid because I thought day light saving time was a scientific thing. Thank God that my country doesn't have day light saving time.

  • Wawagirl17

    "The farm people want nothing to do with this." I couldn't stop laughing in the store because I was thinking about this video from earlier and that line kept popping into my head.

  • Helen Eschenbacher

    I live in Hawai’i and we do NOT observe DST. I had a student (roughly similar in IQ to these cows) who said that it was “easier to grow gardens on the Mainland”—-rest of the USA). I was stunned…sunshine 320 days a year, moderate climate..why? She said that the rest of the country observed DST and therefore they had one hour LONGER OF SUNSHINE each day! Can’t make this up!

  • Iris Park

    I like daylight saving time. as a person from canada. before daylight saving, when you get out of work it's dark. after daylight saving. you have 1 more hour of sun

  • nGon-

    On the topic of long German words, never study German law. I mean law seems difficult enough to me in any language, but German seems to have so many compound words for every legal institution, law, insurance or anything else of the kind. I suppose you get used to it but they're ridiculously long still.

    If this were a German show, the next segment of HITSAT would be "Compound words, how is this still a thing".

  • Slender Guy

    So bullshit, a lot of people don't care but for someone like me (grade 10 high school student) day light saving sucks major ass cause I gotta get up for school and most teenagers now a days barley get sleep in the first place and taking away an hour… Man it takes awhile getting used to.