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  • Ashley Lewis

    This comments section is really depressing. People wonder why trans people kill themselves. Read what you're writing before you send it, and imagine that being sent to you, and everywhere you go people saying the same things, all the time every day. Imagine that following you and never going away. School, work, family, people who you thought were friends, the public, and people online. By the thousands. It's constant, and you're all contributing to it.

  • Dante Rowland

    I know it can be embarrassing and stressful but I think people should be able to at least ask questions about how being a transgender works. I think why homosexuals gained a lot of acceptance eventually was that people eventually realized that they aren't any different besides a sexual preference.

  • Sam Hiddleston

    When I was a freshman in highschool, there was a transgender girl in my math class. She was one of the funnies, smartest, and prettiest girls in our school. My math teacher would always tell her "hey bro" "what's up man" "yeah dude" and she even had to tell him in front of the class to stop. He didn't. She transferred out.

  • Brendan Fletcher

    By looking at these comments, I am strongly convinced some hate groups linked to this video. I do not believe this type of blind rejection of gender and 'leftie social justice' to be representative of either Jon Oliver's viewership or even America at large. Do not be discouraged or suppressed; sexual and gender rights are being won all over the world and must continue to be spoken out for every chance we get

  • Cascaded Volcano

    Anyone in the comments section, ask yourself a question. If your son or daughter came up to you and said "Dad, I'm transgender" would you say to them "you were born a boy/ girl and that's what you are" instead of supporting them?

  • watsyurdeal

    Just a small question, and please don't get mad at me for not understanding.

    If someone is trans, say, they feel they are a women, but are into woman. Is their orientation hetero or homo sexual?

  • Chetz

    Unsubscribed after Sarkeesian. All these govt. critical 'alt medias' get corrupted and infiltrated by the think-righters after a while. Circle of life.

  • Shawn Ravenfire

    I normally agree with John Oliver, but not this time. Public bathrooms and locker rooms are based on SEX, not gender. People use urinals because they pee standing up, not because they don't have pink bows in their hair. In fact, not long ago, people were complaining that the pictures on the doors of bathrooms were offensive stereotypes. People separate these rooms because they don't want to see a naked or partially dressed person of the opposite physical sex, or be seen by one. Now, we can debate the merits of having separate bathrooms for sex, but I can think of no reason to separate people based on gender-identity. It would be like if we still had black and white bathrooms, but let the people decide whether they "felt" black or white.

  • the best person in canada

    I just want everyone who is freaking out about transpeople to realize we're everywhere and you'll never know.

  • lanner95

    XX = Woman, XY= Man.
    No matter how much you chop up your bits you will still fall into one of these categories.

    I tolerate transgender people but i do not accept them.

  • Jorge Daniel

    Don't make fun of the weather man… He's 100% right and you're the one disagreeing with yourself… If transgender people really fully change their sex and should be accepted as the sex they "are" inside, instead of the one they were born with, why are you referring to them as transgender woman or transgender man? Why don't you just say a woman and a man? And what's a transgender woman? A woman that became a man or a man that became a woman? If you want "equality" stop referring to "minorities" with different names…

  • Brynn TempleWood

    Transgender people support gender stereotypes. We have been fighting for many years to get free of gender stereotypes in women's appearance, and now men say that being a woman means wearing dresses, makeup and high heels. WTF?

    All that men know about being a woman is gender stereotypes. It's not okay to support ideas that being a woman means wearing dresses and have a 'feminine' character (what on Earth does this mean?)

    Men can do with their bodies whatever they want, but they can't be called women. It causes huge problems: statistics of gender violence will make no sense, just think about it! If you are brought up as a boy you will have patriarchal stereotypes in your head which no hormones can erase. It messes up sports competitions, because late transition means a man will keep his muscles and bones stronger than most women – women's competitions don't make sense anymore. And lesbians are now attacked by MtT and forced to date them, otherwise they are accused of creating 'cotton ceiling' -this is just ridiculous. Not mentioning how fast MtT can close any important female event if it's only for women. Just google Women In The Woods and Michfest.

    Girls are always told that they should care about others, not make any fight or conflicts, not be selfish etc. Boys are taught opposite traits, and here we see the result: aggressive MtT ruin women's spaces, competitions, and bodies (google Fallon Fox), while women are all sympathy and support to their aggressors. Looks like same old patriarchy to me.