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  • masscashstacks

    The ironic thing is if the Liberals or NDP do get in power, they will be as devastating to the economy as they claim Stephan Harper has been.

  • Frank M

    The problem with Canadians is that most don't know how good they've got it. And for some reason they always think the "Government" has money that they are owed. The amount of able-bodied on disability and assistance is far too high. Think about it… When a middle-aged man walks up to you on the street and asks for "spare change", what is he really saying to you? He is really saying to you, "You owe me, it's your obligation to look after me".

    The country will not progress until that thinking is replaced with, "I need to fend for myself".

  • poyani

    Harper knows how economics work? He does not understand at all how jobs are created.

    I am a business owner and the idea that I would hire a new employee because of the tax-rate is insane. Companies hire new employees ONLY WHEN THEY HAVE WORK FOR THEM TO DO!

    The tax rate has nothing whatsoever to do with that decision (since employees are paid with pre-tax revenues anyways).

  • ProMonarchyGenius

    Stephen Harper is the only mature adult in the debate who lives in reality. I hope Harper wins the next election or Canada would be fucked

  • Dwight Campbell

    I agree with your summation Ezra, Trudeau and Mulcair both seem to be looking for all the possible ways to put us back in debt like too many other countries are in right now.

    They are only too anxious to announce as many different ways of spending other people's money (mostly our descendants) as they can.

    Right now, after 9 years of minority and majority Conservative government, Canada is on the top or very close to the top of many different ratings. The idea that we are somehow behind, or moving backwards, is a manufactured narrative by the left for purely political ends.

    If we end up with either Mulcair or Trudeau on Oct. 19th, we will pay dearly. The Alberta voters claimed to know what they were voting for in the provincial election. I never believed that. I hope that those who voted NDP for a 'change', now realize that elections have consequences like every other important decision in life.

    Throwing away your opportunity to vote, or voting without understanding the consequences, can lead to negative consequences for you and your offspring. Treat it like every other important decision in life.

    I am tired of listening to some left wing 'moderator/journalist' editorializing with their obvious left wing bias and a bunch of made up 'facts' when it is supposed to be a debate amongst political leaders to expose THEIR agendas and inform the voting public. Instead, the MSM just abuses it, and uses it as another opportunity to promote their bias. It doesn't matter whether the Conservatives are in power or not, the left wing media always has to throw in their full dose of fear mongering with unsubstantiated propaganda. I refuse to watch these debate shows any more because they never dis the socialist leaders like they do the conservative leaders. And when they dis the conservative leaders, they are dissing all the conservative voters.

    I was hopeful when I heard that the Conservatives were not going to take part in media consortium debates. I was hopeful that debates could be held in a truly non-parisan setting with non-partisan questioning and principled debates amongst leaders. That debate could be fed to the MSM and they could play it, or not. In that way, the content of the debate could not be controlled by socialist media/journalists/moderators. It could be distributed on the internet media as well. Going from the CBC or CTV to Maclean's and the Globe and Mail is just changing the address, not the bias.

  • Ryan Job

    I really dislike that Elizabeth May is just dismissed here. Let me tell you, Elizabeth May would have been, bar none, the most substantive leader on that stage, just as she was at the Maclean's debate. She obviously knows the numbers like the back of her hand and is not afraid to whip them out should the need arise. To suggest she isn't a "serious candidate" is ludicrous.

  • Crowned Son of Fire

    Let's play a guessing game. The game is, guess who ezra is supporting without watching the video.

    My guess is his favorite, Mein Harper.

  • Ontario Bushcraft

    I was completely embarrassed by our leaders all 3 talking over each other. Interrupting? No class when it really comes down to it. It was an argument not a debate.

  • ziggy4242

    This whole channel is the most biased fucking brainless right wingnut shit Ive ever seen. If you look at the stats, CONSISTENTLY the trend has been that the higher a person's education, the most likely they are to vote NDP. Highschool education means the least likely to vote NDP and most likely to vote for the Cons. College level shows the NDP up significantly, and University education means they are by far the most likely to vote NDP and the least likely to vote for Harper. What does that tell you? Ever wonder why the people who support Harper are almost all elderly people and Albertan rig pigs? Its because they are out of touch, they have no fucking clue what is actually happening to this country. They are too ignorant to vote for their own best interest and fall for fear mongering, like thinking that raising taxes on the richest people is a bad thing and will somehow hurt the middle class. They dont realize how rich these people and corporations are. The trickle down effect has NEVER worked, ever. It only means higher profits for the rich and them still slashing jobs and sending them overseas because they dont re-invest, they fucking hoard it away and make record profit. They have everything. They dont need tax breaks, they need to pay more taxes. If they dont want to contribute then they can get the fuck out, we dont need to do business with companies like that. Canada is a land rich in precious resources, businesses will always come crawling to us, unfortunately we have a PM who will take any shit deal, almost always benefitting the other side and giving them unnecessary say over out own way of doing business. Harper will gladly continue bending this country over for the rich and corporate as long as he rules. Fuck Harper.

  • nonamesam

    Am I under the wrong impression for believing Rebel Media to be largely libertarian in its narrative? How the fuck can you support Harper just because he said some nice things in a debate when he is shafting WW2 veterans out of desperately needed funds and PTSD relief efforts, reducing our education budget in favor of increased militarization, and has shown LITERALLY 0 RESPECT FOR DEMOCRATIC PROCESS??

    "It's okay guys, he only committed election fraud a couple of times! What's the worst that can happen?"

    I hate to sound like a complete pundit but, honestly, Harper supporters are complete fucking retards that don't grasp what's at stake for our country.

  • MyRewrite

    Ziggy if the NDP are representative of the intelligensia why does every government they control end in disaster for the area governed? You need to expand your boundaries and not spend so much time in the bar. I got the "hang out in the bar" vibe from your language.