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  • yoyofargo

    Oh no! An adult putting whatever substance they want to put in their own body! They're ruining their life! We better put them in jail and ruin their life so they don't ruin their life!

  • Hello, Murica!

    Stop making sense, Glenn. Obviously weed is a silent epidemic that kills millions a day. KILL ALL MARIJUANA USERS!

    P.S. I'm in WA state, where weed is legal also. The streets are not running red with those who consume it, and people haven't lost their minds and run amok, stabbing and shooting people indiscriminately while high. It's obvious this idiotic hate-campaign against a plant is finally coming to an end. The sooner, the better.

  • Andy Prokopyk

    Every time I hear names of Canadian politicians, it's always a comical how they look just like American politicians but then they have funnier names.

  • Matthew “Arkhane” Brown

    Don't fall into this phony conservative vs. liberal crap. Both sides are equally stupid, and categorizing yourself as one only inhibits your ability to make choices for yourself. Shame our politicians can't think for themselves, either.

  • John Zoidberg

    Oh you don't want little kids to smoke weed? Well, where would they get it? From an illegal dealer. Why don't you see them getting drunk? Because legal stores won't sell alcohol to minors or they will face severe consequences! If you want to protect the youth, make cannabis legal.

  • KaldDodeGitarist

    I smoked weed all throughout my teen years. And I choose not to smoke now because it's illegal, and I can't afford to lose my job over something so silly. I know how harmless it truly is from personal experience. My cousin is facing serious jail time for growing for personal use. Someone who is driven, works a fulltime job, pays his taxes, has his own house and car, is a criminal because he enjoys winding down with a joint after a hard day's work. Shame on him for being such a degenerate….. ."

  • Max Maltha

    Marijuana isn't entirely safe, people have died in the process of using this stuff, but mainly due to the same reason why people die from using alcohol. Sure, you can't really overdose on marijuana, but you can use too much and do really stupid, dangerous things (like driving a car, for instance). But it doesn't change the fact that it's much less dangerous for individuals than tobacco or alcohol (or maybe even weapons). I live in a country where buying and the usage of marijuana isn't prohibited, and I've never had anyone close to me get into trouble using this stuff. It did help some people relieve their physical pain however.

  • CurtisAlfeld

    Marijuana is dangerous in the same ways tobacco is dangerous. It's full of carcinogens and tar. Let people make the choice to put that crap in their body! Hell, people already put that stuff in their body in ways that are already legal. It should be treated like alcohol: don't let minors have it, don't drive or operate machinery while you're under its influence, and you should be fine.

  • Justin Saneti

    When you tell my what I can and can't inhale into my own lungs in my own house, you need to understand one thing, you are the tyrant.

  • PixxyLixxx

    510 murders in a year? Wow, that's like two week's worth here in the states. As far as weed, I've lost four friends to alcohol, but none to weed. Pretty much says it all.