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  • MLK010

    What a twist! I was not expecting The Dead Man to be the reason that Rollins retains his title. Taker is back for redemption or closer in this case against Brock. Brock vs. Taker at SummerSlam, I think Taker wins not only because it's for redemption from his first Wrestlemania loss but also for one other good reason, throughout the years dating back to 2002 in the encounters between Brock and Taker Undertaker has never beaten Brock. Now is his chance to rectify that as well as get revenge.

  • Eldinn Ma

    Wait so is the ic title gonna be up for grabs soon because ryback is injured ? Just wondering after reading some of the comments but I'm just confused now .

  • Alan Daniel (FallenKingz99)

    You know what's funny, last Monday when Lesnar was beating up Kane there was one guy in the front row yelling for Taker to come out. When I heard that I was just laughing and making fun of him from home. So now I would like apologize to that guy.

  • xx_blackwidow_xx

    Why are people pissed off at Taker following the script? All Taker did was his job and if you don't like the feud just don't watch it. I also wanna say one more thing I saw a comment saying that it could be about Kane and that is very true Kane got scripted to be injured so if Taker wanted revenge for the streak he would probably have done that last year anyway

  • logan kerr

    here's whats actually interesting, it will be Lesnar that will be the Good guy in all of this. Reason why, is because Taker used a "Heel" move which is the Low blow. Seriously when was the last time that Taker used such a move?

  • ThePieMan305

    Here's a possible idea: Roman asks Bray for a rematch, but bray declines saying Roman has nothing bray wants. Since Ryback is injured you have a big match for the vacant IC title later in the night. Roman wins this match. Bray is now willing to fight Roman again if the title is on the line.

    Boom: Big match at summerslam made, IC title relevant again since a top guy has it.

  • topolino227

    You know whats funny!? The Match STILL Never ended and is RIGHT NOW going on. The Bell was NEVER rung even when the Show went off air ! So Lesnar could basiclly still win the Title on Raw, because their Match is still going on ! :D

  • Heroes Workshop

    Monday Night RAW Promo:
    Seth Rollins -"I slayed the beast Brock Lesnar all by myself. I burned Suplex City to the ground"

  • RealLifeLab

    Undertaker is getting old.
    His moves look sloppy, his body looks tired, and I sincerely feel like he's about to get injured every time he attempts something.
    We all love the deadman, he is one of my personal favorites too, but I think it's about time the dead man finally got some rest.

  • Francisco Soto

    I bet that rollins will be saying on Monday Raw that he destroyed Brock Lesnar all alone. Some things that I expect from now on:

    -Heel turn on Reigns cuz of his lost.
    -Undertaker vs Brock
    -Seth Bertrays the Authority
    -Bray and Luke go for the Tag Team Tittles
    -KO vs Rusev vs Cesaro vs Jhon Cena
    - The Miz vs The Big show
    -Ambrose goes for the IC belt