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  • MintEvolution

    People make 0 sense, you can hate Wayne all you want but theres no denying that he is one of the greatest to ever do it….like it or not facts are facts, him and Em are the only ones still relevant after how long? People cant even stay relevant for a year and then theres Wayne and Em so regardless of your opinion, Wayne is a genius and C5 will change everyones thoughts.

  • RezAIIDay

    I know no one's probably gonna read this, but imma give it a shot and type it anyway because i feel at least one person will. im a rapper, i know theres thousands maybe even millions of those but not too many with dedication, ambition and a unique individual style.

    If you take a min and give me a chance i can make you a believer. i would love? noting more than a loyal following on YouTube. For anyone who's reading this could hit the "THUMBS UP" others will see it. doing so will help push me closer to my dream :) Thanks

  • Frenchy P.k.A. JeenyuZ

    Dope. The clips of Cash Money flashbacks when Wayne was young was perfect for the message in the song. And the simple scene of Wayne rapping in a cage was perfect to symbolize him being locked in with Cash Money, tryna break out.

  • CourtCjbLand

    LMAO why you got Terminator 2 footage in here to indicate when the beat drops I mean I get it shits fire but damn you got millions of dollars you couldn't get a nigga to make some original footage?

  • uNkLeRaRa4

    I can't tell if Wayne did this to show O.T how to really rap, or as an homage, but it sure seemed like a "fuck you, here's how to do" to me, haha, loved it!

  • ThatPersonNoah

    People can hate on Wayne and try to argue their way into why he isn't the best in their opinon blabla. Be there is no doubt that he is a fucking living legend!

  • Ahmar Chaudhry

    When he said, "I'm going out like Tony," I was imagining he was shooting all the Cash Money rappers (Soulja, Bow wow, Tyga, etc.)
    And Young Thug was the dude who shoots him in the back. And Birdman is Sosa lol.