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  • Gilbert Acevedo

    Homosexuality is a hate group, they hate each other by spreading aids and they hate God by rejecting what God made them to be.

  • e james

    The public gay kissing is losing it's shock effect on the american public……………..
    Why don't you queers start sodomising each other on the steps of the supreme court???
    no justice
    no peace
    no justice
    no peace

  • pastor1stephen

    This is crazy! What perverted person would want to lay with the same sex? Let alone, be openly "married"! I will and I hope nobody else will ever treat or aknowledge anyone of the same sex is married. God destroyed two cities for this abomination. It makes him sick and it makes me sick as well. Should be jail terms for these sodomites running through the streets acting like idiots. God will judge this country if these Justices vote for this.

  • Jacques Coulardeau

    Jacques Coulardeau at Amazon (9)

    The US Supreme Court,
    A Universal Lesson in Constitutional Right
    Jacques Coulardeau & Ivan Eve

    This essay studies the Case of California's Proposition 8 from its adoption by the voters in November 2008 to the most recent US Supreme Court ruling on June 26, 2013. This essay is essentially centered on the legal and constitutional side of the case and the arguments dealing with Amendment 14 to the US Supreme Court, Article III of teh US Constitution, and the concepts of due process of law, equal protection of the laws, strict scrutiny, standing, all concepts that should be universal in all legal and judiciary systems in the world. The case then provides the world with a full demonstration of these judicial human rights that in fact should define the concept of Habeas Corpus.
    This case deals with same-sex marriage in California. The US Supreme Court refused to rule on the constitutionality of Proposition 8. They vacated and remanded the Federal Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit's ruling on the case because the people speaking for the State of California did not have the necessary standing. That ruling indirectly affirms the ruling of the Federal District Court that had declared Proposition 8 unconstitutional. Though it does not create a legal void in California, this ruling encourages the ProtectMarriage organization to start a new round of legal proceedings in the California Supreme Court.
    This long essay would not have been possible if the first and shorter version had not been encouraged by one of its first readers as follows:
    “I think your argumentation and logic is good. You shouldn’t be entering the rest of the discussion, maybe you can quote all the experts or send back to what was said in a footnote, but it is not your point. You are following the logic of the legal and constitutional system: Amendment 14, the Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court. What will happen, we can’t be sure, but you can project yourself in the future, and you are already doing it, by saying that the Supreme Court, despite taking a lot of time (which can also be to get the “temperature,” the mood of the country within the next few months), is very unlikely to commit itself with such an important issue. And your logic shows just that . . .
    So, in short, your approach is the most valuable as the case starts in California (and its norms) and shifts to the federal level (multiple norms): they all thrive under the US Constitution and Amendment 14.”
    Paris, January 11, 2013

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  • Tom Slick

    98 % of the population of this planet are against you perverted sodomites.
    Give it up , you will never get approval for your failure as humans .

  • Boris Beverton

    How nice if as a voice (audio) was heard, the speakers image was displayed as well.

    I recognize some of the speakers on this video, but not all.

    (I hope that made sense.)

  • bradlyboy24

    the argument over sates having to recognize other stats marriages is bs its the same as straight people if a straight couple gets married in Mi and moves to Tx they are still married there is no difference in gay marriages why are they making an already complicated issue more complicated to confuse people that's why it is utterly ridiculous and I would hope the judges are smart enough to see this

  • Alpha Omega

    Homosexual behavior encouraged and taught in our schools we the people dont want this mental illness vote 2016 to stop liberals madness