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  • Evangelist Anita Fuentes

    Tonight you will hear information and see footage mainstream media just won't touch, the other side of the "refugee crisis" YOU will be SHOCKED to learn the REAL crisis. Listen and forward! A MUST HEAR! Join me as we take Holy Communion and then delve in this evening's breaking world news matching bible prophecy!
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  • Lion of Judah

    I had no idea the refugees were doing that :( sad what's happening in our world. Signs of Jesus' return are everywhere. May God protect His children in Jesus name!!

  • Alterjunkie

    Thank you Anita for brining us this news. It is horrific and appalling to see what is happening and FOR sure will be hitting our US border soon. These are animals, Satan's minions invading all the lands to take over the world and turn it into a Muslim world. I don't care what anyone says, call me cold blooded if you want but these animals have got to be stopped. They should be shot on sight. And before you call me heartless and such, think about what those people will do to you and your loved ones if they get their way, They will kill all of us . Jesus come quickly !!!!!

  • Lee Duon

    There's a concept in media called "Fool's Gold." It's when an idiot gets a lot of attention for promoting a position you nominally agree with, but ends up being a catastrophe for people who supported them because they turn out to be married four times/not-so-secretly racist/believe the earth is flat, etc.
    Kim Davis is Fool's Gold. Don't fall for it.

  • Jeannie Mayer

    The pope must be very satisfied with what is going on. Because the "code" word here is "humanitarian " right up his alley

  • Destiny Hope

    Even if we tell people about it. They do not believed us. They are sleeping and does'nt want to wake up. They like their quiet life and please don't be negative, that is what they think at this moment. They like to watch their favorite TV show…….

  • ytcmb

    Judge Bunning should be locked up – he's a terroristThis massive immigration influx has everything to do with NWO, is IMF funded

  • Jennifer Sanchez (HomeiswithJesus)

    Hello Anita, The broadcast was still great, the cold did not hinder it. I hope you feel better!! until tomorrow :)

    Good night and GBY my brothers and sisters :)

  • Armageddon777

    I take 2-3 500mg Vitamin C tablets a day and at the same time pray when I havenasty colds and God heals it immediately.Amen.

  • Janelle LeBlanc

    Thank you for speaking the truth! I am so glad that the Lord has raised up your ministry to sound the call in this time of trouble. May the Lord continue to bless you as you work in His service. Much love from Texas.

  • Mandy Gilespie

    The Lord Jesus will destroy all those evil gays and Muslims. I can't wait for my savior to come. This world is falling apart. I think we Christians should prepare for the end times and learn to use guns so we can defend ourselves from the muslim horde. Praise be to Christ Jesus.