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  • PttyBlue43

    Fuck Nascar
    Fuck Logano
    Fuck Harvick
    Fuck GWC'S
    Fuck The Chase
    Fuck Jr's right front tire changer
    Fuck The Contender Round
    Fuck Sprint
    Fuck the Caution Flag
    Fuck Brian France
    Fuck Mike Helton
    Fuck Robert Pemberton
    Fuck Oscar “the Aventador lp750 sv” Tobar
    Fuck Michael Mcgarrah
    Fuck Truggins
    Fuck Justin Bieber
    Fuck Talladega
    Fuck Chevy
    Fuck Ford
    Fuck Toyota


  • VirusVox

    That was all Harvick's fault. His engine wasn't up to speed, then when Trevor Bayne passed him outside, Harvick turned him. The in-car shows that.

  • bobalose3and88

    Biggest BULLSHIT finish since Spingate. And the thing that nobody is even talking about is WTF WAS THE CAUTION EVEN OUT FOR WHEN JOHNSON AND LARSON WRECKED??? If NASCAR let them keep racing, then NONE of this crap would've happened. Congratulations NASCAR, you just handed another win to the Double Douche and screwed Dale Jr and Ryan Newman out of a chance to compete for the championship.

    BTW Kevin Harvick can kiss my ass. Just lost any respect I had for him.

  • Leuel48Fan

    BULLSHIT NASCAR Fuck you guys, I don't even know what to say. First of all that "non attempt" was a way to save your ass, because you knew 1 GWC was a shit rule. Then you let the 4 who cant go more than 50 an hourintentionally wreck the field to get a caution and save his ass. That is MANIPULATING THE RACE no different that what Bowyer did at Richmond. #PenalizeThe4 #3GWC. This was a JOKE of a show yall put on for everyone that paid money to get in and watched on TV. Disgusting. "For safety" my ass; this causes more frantic drivers since there's only 1 chance and causes more wrecks and more illegitimate finishes -_-

  • Moneyb25ss

    Harvick knew he had a problem. On the 1st restart he did a smart move and moved over. Why did he do that on this restart?
    He knew his car could not maintain speed.
    He cause a wreck that also included his teammates the #10 and #14. Man I wished we had on more restart.

  • TheLazyGeneration

    Harvick is the definition of chickenshit for that move. If he doesn't get parked/suspended/fined/ for that childish shit I'm going to lose my mind.